Tyler Martin - Skipper's Cool Math

Here’s a new album I made! $0+ on bandcamp. It’s called Skipper’s Cool Math. Electronic pop, wordy (think Magnetic Fields).

This was a collection of songs I had built up in Seattle and started recording the week I moved to Greensboro. I wasn’t sure all my instruments would survive the trip so I loaded a bunch of samples of my earlier work onto the Octatrack. Fortunately every instrument survived, but I struggled to set things up in a meaningful, cohesive way in the time between moving in and starting a new job (for those of you interested in gear set-up pictures:

. No comments on monitor placement please :wink: ). This less-than-ideal setup helped me focus on one or two instruments at a time and build a bunch of songs around the loops that I’d made from my previous year’s work.

Free to download! Happy Friday :slight_smile: