Typing Keyboard Recommendations


finally received a keyboardio model 1 in the post after a worryingly long kickstarter delay. First impressions of this thing for basic internet use & typing is very positive. Obviously jumping straight from many years typing on a regular square layout is pretty brutal but an hour or so in and I’m basically able to type again. Here’s a picture of the weird clunky thing in all it’s rainbow LED-ed glory.

For some people the most weird thing about this keyboard would be the extensive usage of thumb keys for shift, space, ctrl, alt etc. However I’ve been doing something similar for ages with my keyboard layout. Xah Lee’s ‘swap ctrl & alt’ tip is genius but be warned this blog post could be considered a gateway drug for expensive keyboards http://ergoemacs.org/emacs/swap_CapsLock_Ctrl.html .

The first thing I did notice compared to typing on a square mechanical layout is I couldn’t read the text on my screen properly when using a ‘tented’ configuration on the keyboardio. This is because the keyboard actually makes you sit up straight! Yup, as in straight upper back!!! I tilted the screen back 10 degrees & continued the test…

An hour or so later my weak hunched over spine is kind of protesting at being forced to sit straight but slowly getting to grips with the new layout & finally stopped hitting ‘Esc’ instead of ‘B’. First impressions this thing does exactly what it says on the tin - finally a really really well designed keyboard that isn’t constantly trying to ruin your posture.

I’ll report back on this thing again once I figure out how much messing around will be required to drive emacs after such a huge upset to my central nervous system…


For traveling with my TT, I’ve settled on this little collapsable keyboard that has its own internal battery for operating its backlight (which is amazing to have on a dark plane flight):

Not the cheapest thing in the world (approx. $43) - but way smaller than any other portables I could find and has a pretty good key feel for its size.


persevered with keyboardio & back to emacs coding using the unfamiliar layout. This thing has been really very well designed & thought through.

It fits my hand incredibly well & seemingly allows every conceivable pressing/chording hack without noticeable hand strain e.g:

  • ‘double-thumbing’ adjacent thumb keys
  • shifting the whole hand down to chord thumb keys with fingers.
  • excellent use of 'outer-palming-technique in place of pinky-hyper-extension

Firmware updating was a breeze & the code seems pretty clean (at top level anyway!).

The stock bindings were somewhat terrible for my emacs use - ended up spending basically a whole day figuring out a workable layout but with that out of the way I can code again at probably half my previous speed. Switching to & fro a laptop chiclet it’s really noticeable how little this thing strains the hands & the tented/angled layout still feels like it will fix 90% of my bad posture.

So teething problems aside, I’m calling this is the holy grail of ergonomic keyboards! Well worth a shot if you spend one half of your life contorting your hands at a computer & the other half contorting them round a guitar…


Had an evening of keyboard building. Built a Lets Split with Matias Quiet Clicks, my fav switches. Up next a white Nyquist.


I’m on ergodox currently, but with my custom mappings and the way I use thumb keys, I could get rid of about 20 keys :slight_smile: I’m thinking of designing my own small split layout and 3d-printing at some point.


I’d love to see something in between a Lets Split and Ergodox. The bottom row of the LS is a bit hard to reach with thumbs when doing combos, so I’d love to see the thumbkeys of the ergo dox on a 30/40% ortholinear split keyboard.


This one is small, minimal, mechanical, non-backlit and under $40 USD…I wonder if the wireless will work with Teletype?

Velocifire K61WS


i got this and i love it. it perfectly matches the 128’s led’s, also.

also i successfully used this logitech bluetooth keyboard. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B014EUQOGK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_mShUAbHZA2GVC)

it just isn’t anywhere as cool as the first one☝🏼.



@jonsimon Thank you for sharing. I’m considering this Royal Kludge keyboard, because of the multi-device stuff. Specifically, I would love to be able to use just 1 keyboard and switch back and forth between my Mac (bluetooth) and the Teletype. Have you happened to try this feature of the keyboard out?

Also–I feel like I’ve fallen down a mechanical keyboard rabbit hole. The amount of variation between keyboards (layout/switch type/wire(less) features/led/etc.), combined with the fact that there really isn’t a way to find exactly what you want (without going into the pretty expensive custom/boutique stuff) has caused me to sink a lot of time into this, hah


Did you try it?
Or did anyone?


I can no longer find the 61 key velocifire one I had posted about (the link seems to have been replaced with a kinda clunky looking full-size layout one). I never ended up grabbing that one.


I went for a cheap USB switch so I can use my favored mechanical keyboard, but I like the idea of a multi-device Bluetooth keyboard. I’ll have to think about that. It might switch a little more smoothly, and having the control right there on the keyboard instead of a separate box would be a plus.


Just wondered if anyone tried mac keyboard on TT, either connected by bluetooth or USB directly? Interested to test but I have no mac keyboard on hand…

By the way I discovered another good one on indiegogo tho, looks so decent!


It’s going to take a little getting used to the feel of this one after mechanical keyboards. But I have successfully paired mine with two Unifying receivers, one for my PC and one for the Teletype, and also my phone just because I can. For some reason the options software claims all three are “Windows”, but whatever :slight_smile: I can now switch quickly and smoothly and all is well.