Tyresta - "All We Have" out now on Past Inside the Present

Hi Everyone! I have a new album out today on Past Inside the Present called “All We Have.” You can order vinyl and digital copies via the PITP Bandcamp page (link below).

Album description: “This record is about love, grief, loss, and growth. Much of the music was written in the months leading up to my mother’s death from pancreatic cancer in February 2020. Her prolonged illness taught me valuable lessons about impermanence and what it means to turn towards pain and suffering in order to remain connected with the world around me. Through not denying reality as it is, we are freed up to support those most in need of our love, compassion, and understanding.”

For those interested, I did a deep dive about the album and my creative process here: http://www.pastinsidethepresent.com/news/all-we-have-an-interview-with-tyresta


For those outside of the US, Juno now has copies of the album: