UAN0006r Digital. 12". Remixes. Out now!

The latest one from us under the UAN project, our non-credited focus for the label.

2 tracks, somewhere between the more hectic electronic dub sound at least certainly with Blip, being the faster of the two.

If you’re a fan of long jammed dub inspired explorations with clicks, blips and fx chains, then you might be into these.

The black cut 12" has already sold out at the end of the pre-order but the digital is obviously endlessly available, well, at least while Bandcamp stays up.

There is a forthcoming remix release in the works of the Rattle track, which is almost done and sounding pretty special so far.

Happy to chat more about everything, and let me know if you enjoy it.


A new UAN release from us, this is four remixes of Rattle on UAN0006.

We will share one of the four remixes each week during the pre-order, with each remix done by a different person for the UAN no credit direction.

UAN0006r on pre-order at the moment. Releases Oct 10th as digital and 12” vinyl


The second remix of Rattle from UAN0006 has been unlocked on UAN0006r earlier today. It’s titled LETTRA.

For those who want to grab this one on 12" black vinyl, it’s available during pre-order, until release date 10th Oct.



Woah ‘el tart’ is amazing! Congrats!

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Yeah i agree, it’s an incredible remix. Thx for listening.

The third remix of Rattle from UAN0006 has been unlocked for UAN0006r, and is called ATTE_L_R.

This one is probably the most abstracted of the bunch and personally takes me back to some Mark Fell style sounds on the double cd 12k/Line compilation. Love it.

The last and final remix will be unlocked very soon on release date 10th Oct.

Final remix and full release of this one from us is out today.

12” is available to order for the rest of Sunday so last chance if you want it on vinyl.

This was a fun little project to hear coming together, sounds ace!


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less is more! :point_up:
really nice project, and great idea…

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