UK: Marcus Fischer / Simon Scott / Hotel Neon

Hello all.
I totally meant to post this earlier :man_facepalming:t2:
I’m playing some shows in the UK over the next couple of days.
Tonight is London at Cafe OTO w/ Kate Carr + Hotel Neon. Then we are off to Bradford and Manchester.
Hope some people can make it out.
Here is the information:

Sunday, Sept 15: London, UK @ Cafe OTO “Place Language” 2-day residency w/ Kate Carr
(Monday is Simon Scott + Rafael Anton Irisarri)

Tuesday, Sept 17: Bradford, UK @ Fuse Art Space w/ Simon Scott

Wednesday, Sept 18: Manchester, UK @ The Peer Hat w/ Simon Scott


I was in the Glad cafe last week and saw your name on the wall. Seemed like a nice venue! Hope the tour is going well.

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Amazing, interesting program / residency, good luck!

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see you in a Bradford!

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Just booked a ticket for tonight…havent seen anything live for a while so interested to hear something different.

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Wonderful. Please say hello!

I only heard about the Glasgow show because I happened to be doing a yoga class in the same venue yesterday morning and saw the poster! Enjoyed it immensely, really nice restraint and gently evolving loops. Thanks for a good night and a healthy dose of inspiration :pray:

The Cafe Oto show was a great listen last night - the oto wasn’t too packed out like it can be, just nicely intimate. The 3 acts were a great mix of sounds. Nice to quickly Chat with Marcus afterwards. Have a great mini tour and enjoy the UK.

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Really enjoyed the Glasgow show - thanks again for a beautiful set, @marcus_fischer! Amazed to hear that you managed to get all the equipment into your carry on luggage. I found the commonalities and contrasts between the three sets really fascinating too. Made me consider getting out my guitar and working it into my modular setup!

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Really enjoyed the show at Cafe Oto! Very glad I’ve finally got to see you play live. I meant to ask you afterwards, but had to rush back to Brighton, what are you using to get your guitar up to modular signal levels?

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Thanks so much. So nice to meet you.
It’s a combo of the intellijel line in and @lloydcole’s modified boss super overdrive


noooo the one week i dont browse lines :frowning:

it would of been so cool to be there, hopefully i’ll catch you if you come to london again.