Ultomaton - Generative Effects Processor


Very cool idea. Your demos sound great and right up my alley! Going to try and download this when I get off work later tonight.

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Used it for this week’s Junto project, it was super fun!


Old 09’ mbp here too…
And now I’m sure that it’s a problem on my side.
Thanks for your check !


Really fun and inspiring piece of software! Here’s some guitar noodles I recorded pretty quickly after getting it up and running and configured patch-wise


New version up on github (check link in initial post): added scroll bars; added ‘stop playback when recording’ for loopers and revstretchers to avoid artefacts …


Whoa, this is great. The vid you uploaded with the piano loop reminded me a lot of Bill Frisell’s “It should have happened a long time ago” solo version w/the fretboard journal. Excited to try it out.

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This looks great! I have a show coming up and was thinking of using Gleetchlab X to do something kinda similar to this with my 0-Coast and Lyra 8. Will definitely give this a try :slight_smile:

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Chaotic Good:

Just spent some time running the components of an unfinished track through this to get some bits and pieces to finish it. I will report back!


Thank you for sharing this. Super cool and inspiring. As are the m4l devices on your website. I love this community!



I believe Lou would have appreciated the irony of this roll of the dice. Nice one Ethan, RIP Lou.


Oh wow this is fantastic! This app, some long tape loops, and a Korg nanoKontrol have proven to be a very fun and inspiring combo. Thank you so much for sharing this.


first time opening up the app and it worked beautifully out of the gate
osx 10.10.5
I think I was running around 16% CPU

I once built something very similar to this in PD but with no routing options it was randomized only by the incoming audio in various ways. Thanks for the memories


some more from today
this time with a contiuumini directly input

still trying to find my way around the mini but I’m feeling good so far


What a cool sounding instrument! These are great, nice work


Really loving this! Any chance you’re thinking of porting to M4L @ithkaa?


Looks great. Thank you! I’ll be sure to try it out next chance I get.



Was already under construction:


… kind of useless to port the effects of the standalone to M4L, so this device allows for parameter control, driven by the Game of Life. Didn’t test it thoroughly so let me know if you encounter any problems.


Thanks so much with this. I’ll have a poke around when I get a chance!

I definitely wouldn’t say it’s useless to port the effects to M4L, my idea was to have this in ableton to route audio in the DAW a bit easier (windows is severely lacking in a Soundflower type tool) but this certainly offers flexibility for control within Live. I understand mine might be a limited use case though.

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Agreed — there’s no soundflower and I couldn’t ever seem to get jack set up correctly. Here’s my cheap-o workaround:

I have a 4 in/4out interface. Plug out 3 into input 3, same for in/out 4. Set up an Ableton audio track to send on 3, and another to receive on 4. Setup the max I/o channels to match. :wink: