Unable to get serialosc 1.4 mac pkg to install but macOSX-MonomeDevice works

New grid 128 owner.
New macbook pro. Mac OS 10.12.6
Grid is detected in USB

run installer

and I have to go to Security and Privacy control panel to approve to run the installer. Finished it and I can’t run serialosc…

After a while I figured out the paths that the software uses by finding the uninstall-serialosc.command on this forum. Thats how I discovered that it wasn’t installing properly.

It appears to finish but i have nothing in /usr/local/bin or lib. Only thing that installs is the plist. I figured there was some software install restriction my company put on my mac, so I looked around for a manual install option. Would be nice if there was one.

Kept reading and found some guidance to use this

and using macOSX-MonomeDevice.zip works so now I have the serialosc 1.2 install and everything is working.

except, the scripts in Applications do not have correct perms. I had to chmod them.

drwxr-xr-x@ 3 root 102B Mar 5 2017 VoiceOver Utility.app/
drwx------ 4 501 136B Dec 14 19:59 monome/

I’d like to get this to 1.4 I guess. Is there any issue with running 1.2?
Maybe the macOSX-MonomeDevice could get updated to 1.4?