Unable to make Earthsea to work with Monome 40h (fixed)

Howdy, I picked up a used Monome Eurorack Trilogy set to pair with my old Monome 40h. The White Whale and Meadowphysics work great. I used them to sequence my Arturia Microbrute.

The Earthsea, as I understand it, should launch with a blank grid and respond to button presses, but it unfortunately shows only the default Monome boot pattern and fails to do anything else.

I am using a μZEUS power supply which seems to provide enough power for the other modules to drive my Monome, but something’s up with the Earthsea. The docs say it works with an 8x8 grid.

Worth trying to update the Earthsea firmware? Any ideas?


Oh, a few photos attached for comparison.

Earthsea (not working)

Meadowphysics (working)

I’m guessing that it’s underpowered. The doc page you linked says this:

WARNING: monome modules require high +5v current

Please make certain to check your case’s +5v power supply capacity. If it is underpowered (<600mA), or highly taxed, our SWITCH is required. Available very affordably from our retailers.

uZeus specs say it only provides 170ma?

Switch is hard to come by these days, but you could try offworld v1 or v2.

Darn! You’re right! I saw the “5v” and thought it was OK, especially with the other two modules working. I’l have to look around for a SWITCH.

Hey folks. Looking for any advice I can find on getting my Earthsea to power up. I upgraded my power supply from a uZeus to a Row Power 40, but sadly the Eearthsea never initializes the Monome and fails to send any CV output. Nor does it display any lights.

Is there a setting I am missing, or does it sound like the module is hosed?

Solved with a firmware update.

If anyone ever stumbles across this thread in the future, updating my Earthsea module to the 1.9.4 release made it start talking to my Monome 40h. Joy!