Unable to use boiingg with a Launchpad Monome emulator

Hello community.

I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to use the Max boiingg app with a Monome emulator so I can use my Launchpad Mini. I’ve tried nonome and Gridlock emulators but I’m unable to connect the application with the emulator. For a newbie like me, all the documentation seems too confusing and I didn’t quite understand if what I want is anyway possible. Has anyone sucessufly achieved this? I’m open to other approaches, other emulators, whatever. All I wanted is a way to use my Launchpad as Monome on boiingg.

Thank you so much in advance!


I use Gridlock monome emulator. I takes a little to get it up and running but it has decent documentation. Then there’s a m4l device called bounds which works. It is however very buggy and seems to fire off all cyclinders when you open a previously saved project with it in. I’m still looking for an update that works well…