Uncommon Sample Library Formats

I’m thinking of releasing some sample libraries in unusual formats along with my next electro EP–like Microgranny & Assimil8or disks, 8 channel cassette drones, tones for crudlabs/onde magnetique, maybe a cassette that is less a producer calling card but built out so that people could chop samples from it more easily (hard panning instruments L or R so they can be isolated on capture).

Obvs probably won’t sell many but also probably wouldn’t sell many as a zip file anyway. The above are all things I use/do anyway.

Any other interesting unusual formats to consider (I should do Norns, lol, I have one so can figure that out probably)? Thoughts or ideas or wishes on this?


what about literal tape loops?

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I just wanna express interest in this

over the years i’ve realized my use of samples is unusual

it feels silly to make a pack like someone else when it’s not how i really work

plus i never care much about quality or fidelity (since i plan to warp it) and would struggle to know what others are expecting

knowing somebody is open to accept my approach would help me overcome my main hesitation in sharing samples w/ others


pretty interested in this too. I’m thinking of just putting as much of my archive as possible up on a website in folder tree structures, perhaps with a way to play several tracks at once/ shift speed and direction.

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