Unfiltered Audio BYOME

Hi everyone, I’m very excited to announce the release of our new plugin, BYOME. This is the largest project I’ve ever worked on. It is a modular multi-effect that covers almost every non-spectral algorithm that we’ve made: https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/unfiltered_audio_byome.html

It contains over 400 presets, including 70 by Ivo Ivanov of Glitchmachines. He’s posted some excellent videos demonstrating BYOME processing synthetic drum loops:


Exciting! I just installed the demo.

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Wow! Looks lovely! I have ALL of your plugins and love them so I need to get this one too ASAP. :slight_smile:


Hahah, I could make whole tracks with Richard Devine’s ResoValley preset :smiley:
It’s fantastic!


Seriously! I couldn’t believe the material that the preset creators turned in for this round. I have a track going that’s literally a stripped-down drum beat with the “InstaExtraBeatails” preset by ignatius, except with the Resonator Bank turned off.

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I’m the sort who would rather patch everything myself, customized to the material I’m working with at the time, than mess with presets for the most part.

My first impression was that, if the price is right, I’d pick it up just for some of the individual FX in it and not really do a lot of internal patching with it.

With a little time playing with it, I found myself wishing for more modularity, and thinking maybe those wishes would stop me from really enjoying the plugin. To some extent it’s my usual set of grievances about the way VST plugins work compared to modular.

  • I want the follower to be able to monitor any of the FX, not just the input.
  • I want pitch tracking (MIDI would be the common method, but since my host is a bit primitive about MIDI, I’d rather have an actual pitch detector – with the side bonus that those can be really fun when they don’t quite succeed! (*)
  • I want to patch feedback among FX modules, for instance, sticking saturation in a delay feedback loop.

But then with a little bit more time playing with it, I built some damned cool stuff. Right now I’m playing with Diffuse -> Granulator -> Filter (controlled by an input follower) -> Auto Compressor. I’m thinking I’ll probably pick it up when it’s available :slight_smile:

(*) I actually tried to patch a PLL out of an envelope follower, comparator, an LFO feedback back into the comparator… things didn’t happen at a high enough rate to act as a pitch follower :laughing:


I’ve been playing around with this the last couple of days and it is really wonderful. I’m only just touching the surface of what it can do and it is proving itself to be a really useful and inspiring tool. Thanks for the excellent work!

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Bought it 5 minutes ago with the launch discount :slight_smile:


Much appreciated! I hope that you enjoy it.

What sold me this thing was the delay length on tape"ish" and reverse delays - up to ten seconds! Great for sound on sound. I too with it had more modularity in the fx patching itself - a single linear chain is kinda limiting.

Another improvement I want to see is to enable users to not just scale the GUI, but to make it bigger without changing the scale - to have more useful space without that scroll bar.

But yeah, even something as simple as subtle modulation of different reverb parameters makes it more interesting, and I’m not sure if we have something like that anywhere else.


I’ve been revisiting Byome and Triad this week to make patches to improvise flute through. I keep meaning to spend more time doing this, and making building new improv patches part of my regular practice. But I just wasn’t making time for it. I started a new routine where I record 7-10 short improvisations every day. So this gave me a very practical motivation for putting a little time into patching: more exciting things to try during my practice time.

Anyway, this week I’m particularly struck by how much of a killer feature the sample rate knob is. It’s the most friendly massive door to glitch wonderland, always ready to do interesting things whenever the modulation genie strikes it. And the workflow of setting up a nice patch at a fixed sample rate, and throwing it off kilter in musical ways by modulating the sample rate is just so satisfying.

Playlist of flute/voice through triad patches: