Unintended favourites?

After many a reboot I return to browse the list of scripts and see that there are tens of scripts favourited that I never intended to. Does anyone else have this issue? I could accept that I might be terribly clumsy, but it’s happening quite often so I’m curious…

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I have this problem too. I feel like the encoder could still be used to select a favorite, but perhaps the “threshold” should be set a little bit higher?

My unintended favorites are often grouped together, giving me the feeling that this occurs simply due to my clumsiness.

I didn’t know you could favourite a script. How do you do that?

You do it accidentally by rotating E3 instead of E2 when scrolling through the list. Doing it on purpose has a similar workflow.


Wow, I never noticed that! It also doesn’t seem to be mentioned anywhere in the manual, is it?
But super useful! Good to know!
And I guess that also answers your question a bit, in the sense that if I had ever had some unintended favourites I would have noticed. Maybe your encoder 3 is a bit noisy (can that even happen? I don’t know) so it sends out a pulse even if you don’t turn it? do you ever see parameters change by themselves?

Nah I think it’s just me being clumsy.

somehow missed this thread!

sorry to hear that the process hasn’t been totally smooth. i like the idea of increasing threshold!

fwiw, there’s a favorites text file that populates in the data folder, which can be edited through maiden if you need to clean up a lot of erroneous entries.

it is, it’s just the current docs don’t have the right granularity to be able to surface stuff like this in the nav bar (which is motivating a current redesign effort!): play - docs

i’d also imagine that folks who are already years-in with norns wouldn’t have much reason to revisit the base docs often. this is a good note to surface a changelog outside of GH or the forum and maybe even build a “cheat sheet”. thanks hannes!!

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Oh I see the docs have been updated quite a bit since I last read through them!

Hehe no prob! For some reason I was expecting it to be in “apps” not in “play”. Because I did check!
But, yes it might indeed be a good idea.

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