Unwanted band names


The Dolphin Embassy needs to be a surf rock band out of Santa Cruz county. Hmmm…


Fatter Noster

(20 chars)


coachella lineup by neural network http://botnik.org/content/coachella.html

BOTNllllllllK (lines / botnik collab)

Can I use this for something? It’s so brilliant! makes me want to put together a band just to use this name for it! :smiley:


well sure, but be advised




whoa the algorithms have a wicked sense of humor


I love cedargut, need to start a band.


Dibs on Manthem Spones.


somehow i think it had some assistance. and was fed a particular diet


Botnik is the brainchild of ex-Chicago/Onion comedy wizard Jamie Brew. everything is gold outta those folks. they regularly seek contributors – would love to see intersection between that crew and this one!


I feel a sudden urge to do a mockup lp-cover for BUFF COP’s debut release :sweat_smile:


Another one: The Algorithms


The predictive keyboard is great.

Here is Belle and sebastien mode:

The girl is falling
the people left with all your problems
my life is short
a party
a song



My apologies if this is diverting a thread, but thought i would ask here instead of starting a new one.

My partner and i have come to a point where we need a name in order to have an identity so we can move forward with releases, etc.
For now we are a duo, but there could be room for more members, or even a rotating cast.
Our music is kinda all over the place, but firmly electronic and i guess related to the ‘Berlin School’ (or so i’ve been told)
So far i have been posting some of our stuff to my soundcloud page under the moniker ‘itssowindy’ (another name which i am not satisfied with as a performance persona, it is a relic of a years old email address that i use by default now as an online identity)
The collaborative music on my page is listed as Johmeep …opal… etc. as a place holder for John and me, thus Johmeep. This should give you an idea of our flavor. I don’t think it fits as a compelling name, but?

So we came up with a few ideas that i wanted to run by some others who have contemplated the same quandary:

the susurrus ensemble
delirium murmurs
calamity lab

We currently really like the susurrus ensemble, but fear that it is too obscure of a word, thus too cute and clever, and would garner a mixed ‘hunh?’ response.

delirium murmurs is interesting as an idea, but does it translate to a good name?

calamity lab is strong, but…?



I like susurrus…has onomatopoeia qualities to it. Not too fond of ‘the’ and I would thesuarus some alternatives to ‘ensemble’ … but the basic concept is fine I think. BUT treat my opinion as equal to that of a bloke in the pub who you have never met before… no qualifications whatsoever.

good luck with it.


mix and match.
susurrus lab!


A friend of mine once came up with “Sexy Autopsy”, a name so brilliant / awful I almost want to start a band for it. I’m imagining some kind of horrifying blend of 80s hair metal and electroclash.


That’s exactly what I thought. I think the (arguably excessive) use of U and R totally works. In my mind it sounds like a deep space phenomenon. “our scanners are picking up some serious Susurrus Murmurs, captain” :milky_way::space_invader::rocket:


re-collective nouns

starlings - a murmuration of starlings



susurrus murmurs is interesting, i will mull that over.
Thank you all for the input, please keep it coming.