Unwanted band names


calamity lab

easy to spell. Easy to look up (I just looked them up and this might belong to someone else already. booooooo. Though they don’t seem to be too active or rather, have a weak online presence.).


Eternal inspiration:



Experimental Body Dazzle



Magnetic Feels - I always liked it but I can also see its silliness


These are from my high school band days…
Aoma Fuj
Jero Murphy

Then later…
Cruise 84 (yes a word plus a number… it was my brother’s idea. In fact there was a punk band in Sydney at the time called “Something with Numbers” which I thought was pretty clever)

My wife swears that Bombproof Pony is a band name left begging. I’m not sure that she’d let anyone use it though, she’s quite protective of it :wink:


Thanks for the suggestions from my previous inquiry.

My friend and i decided on ‘Aether Babble’
it seems to fit our personalities and approach to music.
i like thinking that we channel the playful unconscious mutterings of an antiquated, unseen force of nature.

For those arriving here with the same quandary, i offer:

flow division
flow key
senescent clamor
luminous ambush
murmur amalgamation
incongruous epiphany
attache moustache
innocuous agony
drifting filaments
instigating appendage
locus apendium
glamor shots
convergent hubbub
iridescent intent
willful banshees

for my solo work i have decided to embrace bunny, the name my sweetheart gave me which i envision as my best self.
goodmorning mr bunny
and aether babble
on soundcloud
if you are curious

thanks, bunny


too good to not cross-post


My father-in-law once described another family as “The Taciturn Catholics”. It sounded like a good post-punk band to me.


Trepidatious Trepanation


Just took me to: Thadeus von Sieves


This would be a great name for a post-rock band in the Explosions in the Sky vein.


Birth Control
The Pregnants
Interior Decorator


The Absolute at Large




Had a pub brain wave of a brutal death metal band named BUTTERCUP.

Also forgot about a project i did about 18 years ago based on Dune lore. We were called EYES OF IBAD.


[quote=“steveoath, post:77, topic:5137, full:true”]
Had a pub brain wave of a brutal death metal band named BUTTERCUP.[/quote]

lol. Reminds me of Party Cannon.


Klaus Wundersynth



I keep a file of potential song titles… don’t really want to give up ones I might actually use, but here are some I probably never will:

Serves 4-8
Sad Banana
Creepy Like My Head
Slightly Greasy Solar Atoms
Vicious Sofa
Strangely Pleasing Tooth Shapes

I also regularly check out aiweirdness.com for some brilliant neural network naming disasters, such as:

Battle Command Master Cramp
Binglezard Flack
Ectel Goat
A Cat Loory Duck
Donkey Words

(I’ve used several for song titles in the past… I particularly am fond of “Blucking Ding Tark”)

Botnik is definitely cool. I just got “With Salt On Your Arms” out of the roguelike guide file.


I’m really looking forward to hearing “Lobstagon” by Battle Command Master Cramp.


in 20 characters!!!