Unwanted band names


Got subtweeted by an avatarless… person the other day, and they use the phrase “Soy Boy & The Woke Matriarchy”, which I think works.


This name is taken, but I think it’s a great name! It’s from a Dutch guy, called Bas and he’s living somewhere in China. His moniker is: Basi Goreng


Moist Pony



(twenty ch)


Moist Pony



Decade of Head


I participated in a “name this band” activity recently on The Twitter and was delighted when the name POTENTIAL LITIGATION was selected.


1993 a Weinix i turn to be.


After discussing NHS (national health service) labelling of “older” mums on pregnancy docs our staffroom conversation generated the name:

Untried Pelvis and the older Mothers.




A few in my collected list

  • Six Miles Outside Downtown Albuquerque
  • The Strange Mole People of Didcot Parkway
  • Wait For Steady Light (update: used elsewhere but still great)
  • In the Quiet Period (taken from our build management system)
  • Tiny Grass Is Dreaming (a mistranslated “keep off the grass” sign)
  • Lunar Water as Old as the Moon
  • The Language of Signs
  • The Unplayed One Sings (from a demo of sympathetic resonance (which is also on the list))


That reads like a post rock track listing!!


I have the album art for their debut:


I’ve always loved that sign.


A comment I wrote in code yesterday I almost want to use for something:

// unhighlight systems. they disturb the cuboid.


Jello Biafra’s “Names for Bands” seems relevant here.

I’m unsure when/where this was recorded but, for context, the album was released in 1987. I was a teenager in the 80’s, Jello is one of those artists that’ll always be near and dear.


Pregnant Baby

Courtesy of the late Pete Mangalore, AKA Guardian of the Fantasy Portal, of Human Shield Records. The latter 2 are seriously brilliant and meaningful names, the first is a brill name for an intense but short lived combo tho.


Evidence: Soft Rabbit


Bin Chicken Orchestra


i occasionally work on a creative writing project in my daily hobonichi techo journal - which will eventually form an experimental novel/poem named CITY SLEEPER - and the entry titles sometimes make for promising band names. a sampling:

mink aviary
golem columns
seraphim days
highway ceremony
archived ghosts
texas membrane
three expressways
sentient climate
sweet marble
pink apiary
lavender blanket
sinking sun
slow speeder
boys drown
cream pillow

(in my head these are all acts playing an electronic shoegaze festival)


is pink apiary a cover band of mink aviary?