Unwanted band names


Long story short, my spouse has informed me that I have been recruited into her musical project, and together we’re going to make ambient drone Gothic bluegrasstronica with a punk DIY attitude. And that we need a name.

I don’t think our previous collaboratively created names will work here:

  • Fishkibble
  • Dogwater (well, this one might.)
  • Humphrey Rumpwings, Undercover Firefighter
  • Squidditch
  • Test Your Noodle!


I could be wrong but I dont think the great PK Dick novel
In Milton Lumky Territory has been used as a band name yet.


My favourite software is useful for this task: http://janusnode.com/


Possum Physick
Glebe Azure
Spitfrog Dreaming
Shack Palsy


A Confederacy of Dumpsters


That’s actually just my gender today :stuck_out_tongue:


Serge Power and The Bananas


We have ditched “AgeOld”


The Production Babies


Rage Against The Manual


Band name or D&D monster?



found an old notebook during fall clean-up with these:

the nimble sparrows
& the isotopes
records in the mail
arcade tokens
steam and walrus


20 chars of macapuno !


Great names.
So you are a fan of and’s and the’s in a band name? there are definite phases of fashion with this. Im the other way - I think I would go Walrus Steam. Any other views on this?
Would be a great pub quiz question of bands that dropped their the… Pink Floyd for example…


I love "The"s in names.

Following a ridiculous convo I ended up founding a band called “The burning scars of betrayal” I was adamant that the “the” was necessary, but they ditched it after I left (baby reasons!).


The Baby Reasons

20 characters


Bravo :grin:

20 characters etc


The Twenty Characters

The Definite Articles


I think it’s time for a band called :metal:

Or maybe The :metal:


sorry, not sorry
perform their hit single…
'can’t stop won’t stop