Unwanted band names


Honorable mention to The The, here


I was trying to decide on a name for a song with a couple of keywords and ran into this:



guess I’ll just go with “Untitled 3”

…but there’s at least a half-dozen band names in there. (“Black Hole Solutions” is my favorite.)


The Pull on the Flex


Using the entire paragraph as a band name would be an interesting distrokid experiment.


I… am embarrassed to admit I do have a loose idea of what half of this means


Embarrassed to Admit My Obvious Brilliance.


HAHAHAHAHA called OUT! I didn’t mean it as a humble-brag, but I guess it reads that way


Show me the marsh pigs


I’m about to get released again after almost ten years with silence. Back then my ”band” name was Word Salad.
I don’t know if I think that’s a crappy name or if I should pick it up again. It’s nice and safe :slight_smile:

What do you think?

Edit: this got me thinking. What if I just take one of the above? Perfect opportunity


The Physical Kids
(Lev Grossman reference)

Also, sometimes I think this thread should be called “Wanted Band Names”. As in “I’d like to be in a band…”
(in my ample freetime, heh)


all those impossible hand exercises finally paid off!

(apparently "Amelia Popper’s Practical Exercises for Young Magicians” was inspired by David Popper’s “High School of Cello Playing”)


Thank you so much! Can’t get enough of The Magicians, Lev Grossman, or the Grossman family in general.

Here’s Lev’s sister, Bathsheba:


delete * from spotify.dbo.music




“Cauterize Me, Baby”

But the year is 2008 and you tour with Bring Me the Horizon


“Tossing the Word Salad”


Finnish-Swedish Ice Class Rules and the Baltic Winter Navigation System

(Title of a presentation I’m giving in a few weeks)


Pavement Type Beat

just microchops of pavement songs


Crotch Blowout

and 20 characters


Great name for a bike punk band