Unwanted band names


20 characters of WORM FLU


been sittin on this one for a while

music isn’t math


The Space Between the Nodes


ugh, twenty characters of THANK YOU


Music isnt math, but it has some!


Boards of Canada would disagree :wink:


pythagorean nonsense!


Music is Home Ec
Music is Social Studies
Music is Government
Music is English
Music is Detention


Side note: I’m surprised by how literal many of these are. It’s nothing negative, at all, but I tend to be intrigued by names that mean (almost) nothing and still evoke some mental image. Names like Autechre. Four tet, Diplo…


Audio Technical Research
Four notes per scale.
Duplo bricks?


FYI: I watched Adult Swim’s Lords of Synth short last night, and it’s a band name goldmine.


Thanks to this thread, and to @steveoath I now have yet another music project on the go.

Here it is:


Sarcastic Biology
Manchester Birth Canal
The Corpuscle Electorate
Zooplankton Celeb
Liver and Lights
Genitourinary Breakfast
Black Bile Tizer


20 characters of

The Chlamydia


There is a Finnish (fairly mainstream) band called Klamydia. You can probably figure out the translation.


Ha! Yes I saw that :smile:

Nevertheless the definite article makes all the difference and nowhere to be found on discogs. It’s up for grabs people


The Hip Replacements



And the obvious conclusion:

Music is Music







unwanted band names