Upcoming Seattle Shows // Recommendations

Hi all!

I’m visiting Seattle for the first time for the College Broadcasting Conference and was wondering what recommendations people have here for food, music, and anything else. If any of you are playing shows before Sunday (10/25) then I’d love to come.

Let me know if this isn’t the right place for this post!

Sidenote: I’m just starting to delve into modular. If any of you have recommendations of places to explore this world in Seattle, please let me know!

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patchwerks is a great local modular/synth store, and they periodically have workshops and synth meets. they have a synth meet this weekend actually (which i sadly won’t be able to make): https://www.facebook.com/events/528886217541930/ many people bring their own gear, and usually there is one or two makers doing presentations as well.

so many choices for food so i’ll just mention the local hot dog variety with cream cheese. especially good after a few pints of local craft beer! (maybe not necessarily a good food experience but a very typical seattle experience : )


Oh wow! Patchwerks looks amazing. I’m stuck downtown for a little but I’ll try to make it out.

The hot dog certainly sounds…interesting. Maybe I’ll have to get my radio team to try it later tonight!

yeah the shop itself is a bit far from downtown but the synth meet will be at melrose market studios which is much closer (and being on capitol hill of course there are many cool bars / venues / record shops / book stores nearby).

apparently the hot dog even has its own wiki page

There is also this on Saturday: https://www.facebook.com/events/305946996899847/

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Thanks so much for this! Shame that it’s 21+ though

food-wise…random recommendation for japanese at Suika on Capitol Hill

There’s not much of a “synth world”. We have the one store, and it’s pretty small. Lots people into the hobby, but aside from events, there isn’t a tremendous lot of public manifestations (so you’ll def want to hit that event if you can).

If you want a low key lunch on cap hill, Tacos Chukis is great. If dinner with a movie sounds nice, Central Cinema is fun and feels very “local” – but a it’s a bit of a walk on cap hill. You have Too Many coffee options. Depends how you’re getting around? If you’re driving/ridesharing, Seattle is small. Everything is close, barring traffic. If you’re mostly on foot, most things are concentrated to areas; so if you’re staying in the city proper, you’ll have access to most everything within a very small area. Use the light rail to hop between downtown and cap hill.

Seattle is an easy place to visit. Whatever your fancy, you’ll have some good options.

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Thanks so much @grey
I’d love to check out the show but I’m 20 so I think that I’m SOL.
I’m heading over to cap hill tomorrow to check it out and run by patchwerks so that’s perfect.

I’ve been stuck at the conference for most of this trip so I’m excited to get out and explore tomorrow. Do you like any of the record stores out there in cap hill?

There are a few choices? If it’s related to physical media, we have a bunch of good stores, though they’re not all in the same place. Used and new. My favorites are not on the hill, but Everyday Music is big and easy to get to. Wall of Sound is on the fancier side, but is worth a visit. Spin Cycle is very small but worth a look for used stuff.

It’s worth seeing if you could get into the synth event. :grin: It’s easy enough to get to.


Oh beautiful! I’ll have to check a few out.

Haha I can certainly try

FYI - Patchworks isn’t really near much? It’s like half way between cap hill and the university district - which is worth a visit if you end up having time, IMO. Lower rent businesses, lots of food and some good stores. Cap hill can use up your whole day with no problem tho. :+1:

Yeah, I noticed that. I live in middle-of-nowhere North Carolina though so I want to jump for the chance to visit a modular store and experiment with some gear while I can.

If I have time to check it out up there then I will for sure! Love the grimier areas.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to this thread!

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If you have time for a major detour, Head on down to portland. We have not one but two Synth shops :rofl:

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Oh man if only! I fly out Sunday morning though. I plan on visiting the PNW again soon though for sure. I mean, come on… a whole 50% extra?! The closest I get to that is Moogfest

And no sales tax in Oregon.

Not loving the 10% here so far… You really know how to sweeten a deal

Washington is extremely regresive about taxation. There’s no income tax, so people who actually have to spend all their money pay for most everything. :roll_eyes:


Reminding me how bad I miss Seattle!

Probably a little too late, but if you can get the central district Tamarind Tree is an absolutely amazing Vietnamese restaurant. If you’re stuck on the hill, check out Jamjuree up on 15th – their pad thai is the BEST.


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Beyond that, I know more than a few folks that do the whole live/work in vancouver, wa - do all their shopping in portland, or … working it so they get the “best” of both worlds