Update OS X and lost monome capabilities

Hey everyone…
I Updated my OS X yesterday to 10.11.4 and lost functionality of monome on apps… I use remix in Ableton… Here is the issue… I lay tracks in remix… Monome triggers all tracks in group 1, but if I switch a track to another group it will not trigger … Not sure if I need to reapply SerialOSC update? I will try that… and report back… If anyone has similar issue I posted this here to get rolling on a fix! Hopefully!

Paging @elquinto


@jasonw22 Do you know the latest version of serialosc?

My system if someone needs that info…
Here is my system…
MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015)
OSX El Capitan v10.11.4
Max 7.2.1

serialosc v1.4

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thanks @jasonw22 ! Hey I was wondering, how do I check which version of serialosc is installed on my mac? do you know?

Unfortunately the version flag is not set. In other words, I believe there is no way to tell. Fortunately the installer for the latest version uninstalls any previous versions.

Edit: another difference between 1.2 and 1.4 is the way it looks in Activity Monitor. 1.4 looks like this:

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cool! I would love to learn how to troubleshoot issues… I want to learn slowly so i can help out if that possible!

There are a lot of moving parts. OS, Max, FTDI driver (or not, depending on OS version), serialosc, the app itself, and potentially Live/M4L. It does make the modular side of the monome world seem quite attractive in its relative simplicity for general use.

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@markthepoet have you tried going through any of the grid studies yet? It’s a great way to get a better understanding of the relationship between the various pieces.


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first reinstall serialosc.

and in the future, beware OS updates. expect things to break, and be prepared by having time to fix things, when you decide to upgrade.

apple real talk.


Hey @jasonw22

I am curious if you use Python at all for programming. And, if you do, which IDE do you recommend for writing code?



If I were going to use a Python IDE I’d probably use JetBrains PyCharm, but I write so little Python that Sublime Text is good enough for me.

what language do you write in?

For the monome grid? Max/MSP mainly. Also Pd, and starting to learn about writing Max externals in C.

When I write code for the day job (something I try not to do any more than I absolutely have to lately) I write JavaScript.

processing seems like a good idea, since it has a very easy syntax and basically a no setup IDE