Updated Arduinome Resources?

Hi everyone. I’m a late arrival to the monome culture, however im intrigued and interested in trying my hand at an arduinome clone. After doing some research, and getting my hands on a PCB from 4PCB, it still appears that a few of the resources for arduinome information have not been active in quite some time.

Can anyone who’s made one tell me if the parts list at FLIPMU is complete? Also, is anyone else in the same boat as me this year? Any help would be appreciated.


i’d suggest e-mailing owen directly if you can find his contact information.

generally the arduinome has been in decline since the launchpad came out.

Heyo @empathy1 I’ve got empathy for you. I feel like I also arrived after the party ended. I’m currently looking at my Arduinome build hanging out on my desk. I’ve got the Sparkfun button pads and all LEDs and diodes soldered to the board. I’ve got the boards glued together, I’ve got the firmware flashed to my Arduino Uno, I’m currently wiring it up, but unfortunately, I was unable to get my hands on an unsped shield. I’m trying (and failing) to assemble the shield on a protoboard. I’m over here drowning in bad ideas and lack of experience. Somebody show me the light!

Adafruit may have some pieces that can help? I built one of their oontztruments and coded a firmware for it that mimics as closely as I can manage a 40h device (specifically for the nw2s::b), but they’ve also got some midi firmware.


How is the oontz? And what size did you go for?
I have a raspberry pi (A), banana pi (Pro), and arduino (Uno), so I’m on the hunt for projects.

I’ve gotten a few of these things to play with and to add support to the nw2s::b. By far even the older grayscale monomes beat the feel of anything else I’ve tried, and the new ones are a pleasure to use.

That being said, I got a 128 oontztrument and it’s not bad. I like the feel of it better than the launchpad, but some of the mechanicals aren’t what I would call robust. The way the 8x8 PCBs, for example are attached to each other is supposed to be just by laying a tack solder across some pads that happen to line up. I added a bit more strength to that joint by laying across some copper wire before soldering.

Other than that, it went together pretty easily and I used a leonardo inside rather than an uno s I could get USB support.

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hi @empathy1 I have a couple of unspe’s arduinome shields if they’re of use. I’d be happy to mail one to anyone interested in making a 40h clone. I also have a couple 40h kits… 200 au each say. all components, including LED’s …

just a general question: ( that probably should have it’s own thread ) has anyone had any joy getting monome’s euro modules to work with an arduinome ? -tried a bliptronome with ww and mp to no avail, actually ww was running orca… the bliptronome just fits the euro footprint. I dig the nw2s::b - need to look at that again sometime as a possibly a good place to learn about arduino modular integration.

a note on Orca - it uses the same skeleton framework as the official ww firmware itself, so it will support whatever the official framework supports.

I suggest looking at the parts from Bibo (his username from the old monome community). He has a small online shop here http://biboboards.bigcartel.com/ .
You can get a 8x8 pcb and a faceplate, both in great quality. The nice walnut cases are sold out, but faceplate and button pcb, which both are made for 4 4x4 sparkfun button pads are a good starting point.
(End result of my build can be found here: http://archive.monome.org/community/discussion/11924/finally...faceplates-for-bibo-boards/p2)
You don’t need his logic board, if you go down the road with Arduino, but you will find yourself the ‘unsped shield’ (more info here: http://unsped.blogspot.de/) which carries the LED driver and connects between Arduino and the button pcb.
I don’t remember, if FLIPMUs list ist complete, but if you do some research, you’ll find more resources, especially about the correct wiring.

Hope this helps.

And: welcome!