Updating 2009 40h for current Max 7 / serialosc / apps

Having recently updated to Max 7 I’m loving the new integration with monome, esp all the BEAP support.

As I’ve been checking out various examples, such as the drum sequencer example, I’m finding issues with the 40h not displaying/refreshing properly - in the case of the drum sequencer the scrolling step bar erases the led state for currently programmed notes.

I tweaked the patch in the example so that the step chaser is just a single cell in the top row - like step in Monome Sum - but there’s other apps that this approach won’t really work with.

It looks like the issues are with the use of the col message. Maybe varibright issues as well I guess.

Should I be re-flashing my 40h with more recent firmware to solve these problems or should I stick with the original firmware and content myself with older apps?

I’m also wondering about 40h compatibility with the eurorack modules. I’m dabbling with modular these days and considering getting some of the monome modules, so I’m keen to get a feel for the workflow before I commit, and also know whether I’d need to upgrade to newer grid hardware as well.

Many thanks.

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