Updating norns OS 200712 Problem-Weirdness

kind of an FYI here…and a question.

so i had an issue kinda like this before but it was a bit different this time around.

updated norns #3 to kind of test the waters due to some peeps having issues with MANGL.
(and since i rely on that script a lot i didn’t want to have to live without it for a while in case things went south on me)
that little beast updated fine and everything was working.

a couple of days later i decided to update norns #1 and #2.

it saw and downloaded the OS update and ran through it’s procedure.

when it asked for a reboot with ANY button i hit button 1 (K1).

  • screen went blank.
  • nothing came back on.
  • hit another button and it said there was not enough memory
  • backed out and hit SLEEP
  • booted norns back up
  • checked the OS and it had updated to 200712!

so…not sure why this is happening on two out of three norns but it is.
any ideas on why this is happening?

thanks for any info!