Updating Richochet Norns app?

New to the Norns ecosystem but I was a Monome user way back in the day.
I’m currently using a DIY Norns shield with MIDIGrid and a Launchpad, working well with most apps. Yay!

One of the Monome apps I really liked was Ricochet, and I recently found jonnybutler’s port of this for Norns. However, it’s a bit long in the tooth and I’m both experiencing some weirdness with the app which I’m not sure has to do the fact that I’m using it with MIDIGrid/Launchpad or if it’s just not optimized for Norns V2.
Here’s a link:

The weirdness I’m experiencing is that the “reset” command isn’t working for me, and sometimes the grid interface gets laggy. When I’m in “programming” mode (when the transport is stopped, that’s when you add tokens) I also cannot switch between my 2 grid views- my launchpad is set up to emulate a 128 and I can use the top left-hand function buttons to change screens, but this only works when the transport is on, so I have to change grid views when it’s playing, then stop transport to add tokens. Minor but odd, and more reason to believe it just needs to get optimized in some way.

I’m also hoping to add MIDI output to it. You can already output MIDI clock but I want to add MIDI note out, preferably per token. I’ve seen dan_derk’s awesome walkthrough video

but it’s still a little beyond me…

Any kind soul want to fork this app and get it in working order or give me a little hint as to what I’d need to look for to solve a couple of my issues?
If nothing else it’s a cool app and it might make a nice addition to the larger library.

In an ideal world an app that was a cross between Corners and Boingg would be great, with kinetic bounces continuously moving along both x & y planes and this oldie but goodie gets fairly close to that.

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