Upgrading from 64 keys to 128 - Cost?

I have one of the original released 64 key monome from '06/07 (with the green LEDs), but I wouldn’t mind upgrading to the 128 key (whichever year). Can anyone provide me with some advice/POV-suggestions as to the costs of such an upgrade? That is, if I sold it, how much more might I need to get the 128 key?

I would go DIY kit, but I’m not particularly good with (or enjoy) DIY electronics of any kind.

I note that I’m Edinburgh/Scotland based, since location always seems to come into cost.

There’s a pretty cool google docs just here of gear for sale and sold. This should give you an idea of how much what you’re looking for will cost. You’ll have to factor in if you want a varibright grid, and which edition you’re looking for.

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Ah, thank you! I’ll have a look over it, and hopefully it’ll give me some idea as to what to do.