Uploading SD card contents to cloud

I have been trying out the habit of recording my sessions (or parts) when playing with the modular. I am not using a computer, and recording directly from the mixer to a Zoom recorder with SD card storage.

In order to listen to my recordings when commuting etc. I’d like a really quick and hassle free way of uploading the SD card to cloud storage that I can access on my phone and sort out all the recordings later.

Any suggestions? For instance I was thinking of setting up an rPi (I have an older edition, v2) and a script so I can just plug in the card and voila. But not sure where to start.

I know this is simple with a computer, but just looking to avoid that.

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Can you get an SD card to phone adaptor, store on the device and let it sync while you are listening?

Otherwise Google Drive is my friend. I have everything in it.

Thanks! That seems like an obvious solution now :). I am not used to using SD Cards my phone the last couple of years since Samsung didn’t have those ports on my previous phone, unfortunately. I see those adapters are quite cheap so this will hopefully work well.