Upshot - Max Package

You don’t necessary need a Grid to operate this, do you ?

great work anyways


No grid required (or even supported AFAIK)

I recently updated the Upshot package. Changes include a new launcher, new modules (o.a. us.morse, us.manualarp, us.cameraad, us.247, …) new snippets, timing issue fixes for all sequencer modules and a zoom-out function for the big example patches. Download is up in the Max Package Manager. Happy patching!


Digging the new launcher! Thanks for all the work @ithkaa!

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How did I miss this? It looks amazing. Can’t wait to start messing with it. Thank you!


Big Fan of Upshot. I wanted to ask that since now 8.2 supports M1 macs, I was wondering if this package would be updated to that architecture. I imagine you are busy or working on other things, but I was curious to know if that was planned for the near future.

I don’t have a M1 Mac so can’t test at the moment. Just to be clear, nothing is working? It’s almost all bpatchers with normal objects … some patches are using externals, I suppose those might not work

The package manager won’t even allow you to download the package due to having arm. I believe the workaround would be to run in rosetta or something but then you wouldn’t be utilizing the efficacy of M1 and MAX 8.2.

I have another cpu that isn’t M1 so this isn’t like a make or break thing. It is just that I can’t even download it through the package manager due to difference. This isn’t solely an upshot thing. This also happens with Bach, Cage, and several other packages that aren’t M1 compatible. Things like ppooll also don’t work on an M1 currently.

You could try installing it manually. Download the package from GitHub, put the folder ‘Upshot’ in Documents/Max 8/Packages. You probably need to remove package-info.json in order to get it to work. I’m planning an update with some new additions soon. Hope this workaround does the trick for now …


Sounds great! Thanks a bundle. Love upshot so I am looking forward to any new additions

Perhaps of use to you, from the c74 forum page:

For Intel only packages, I would recommend running Max 8.2 under rosetta.

Max 8.2 is a Universal Binary, which means it has both Apple Silicon(M1) and Intel versions of the application bundled into the same application. To run the intel version, simply get info on the Max application and select “Open using Rosetta”.

If you’d like to have an easy way to run Apple Silicon and Intel versions of Max without every time changing that setting, you should be able to duplicate the Max application, and rename it to something like “Max Intel”, and only change the “Open using Rosetta” for that copy of the application


I installed Upshot with Max 8.1 Rosetta and it has continued to work fine in Max 8.2 ARM. For what it’s worth, I opened every example to check that they run without error or warning messages.

@ithkaa I think you could update the package metadata to claim ARM support and it should install and run fine on M1 machines.


The latest version in Max package manager now correctly shows support for arm64. :slight_smile:


Yep. Thanks Ben! I look forward to new additions as well!

Upshot package was updated to v1.2.0 today. Should work on M1 Macs now … see Max package manager for the update


i never worked with a package of bpatchers besides vizzie and beap – how do i add the upshot modules with the bpatcher gui? i can only add the plain objects. i’m pretty sure i’m missing something super obvious here.

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type bpatcher then the object’s name in a new object :wink:

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hahaha. Thanks that’s was just too obvious.

Edit 1: but strangely enough the created bpatcher is missing the in/outlets.

maybe i just to patching with the standard objects. hahaha

Edit 2: I got to use bpatcher upshot_autotune instead of bpatcher us.autotune (just in case someone else has the same problem)

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