Upshot Suite - Max Package

Hello everybody,

I’d like to present something I’ve been working on lately. Upshot Suite is a Max package (comprised of audio effects, event generators, trackers, sequencers, instruments and many other tools and utilities) which provides a flexible environment for building generative and live electronics performance patches.

Upshot Suite started out as an attempt to make another app of mine, Ultomaton, more flexible, especially in regard to multiplying effect modules and multi-channel in/out. When I started isolating these effects, I couldn’t stop adding more ‘modules’ to the list. For now, the counter is at 60 … All patchers in the Upshot Suite are things that I wrote and gathered throughout the years. Some patches need another package to be installed (f.i. blob tracking needs cv.jit).

Here’s a little introduction video:

This is still very much under construction but I’m already having a lot of fun with it, and I hope you will too. If you encounter bugs or have suggestions or feedback of any kind, let me know.

You can download the package on Github.

For more information on the content of the package and installation procedure, read the readme file.





this is huge ! what kind of communication standard are you using ? are these compatible with BEAP ?

what kind of communication standard are you using ? are these compatible with BEAP ?

in general the patchers expect and output values between 0 and 127, which you could easily scale to work with BEAP, Vizzie or other packages. Hover your cursor over the in- and outlets of the modules to see what value it expects/outputs …

I love Ultomaton, I can’t wait to dig into this! Thanks @ithkaa!

Thanks @ithkaa that’s really great!

Impressive! Congrats on your hard work and for sharing!

Thank you - I love Ultomaton, looking forward to this!

This looks and sounds great! Well done and thanks. Also for the clarity of the UI.

Holy moly - will this ever be gathered into a standalone? Sounds beautiful!

Any chance these could be made to work in M4L?

I’m just starting to learn a little Max, so I don’t have the chops yet to attempt it myself.


Any tutorial how to use this? I have download it, then don’t know how to do, after copied to package of max on folder documents. It’s only work on Max 8? I used Max 5

I’m still finishing up the package for use in Max. A M4L conversion is surely possible but I won’t be able to start making that anytime soon.

I’m just starting to learn a little Max, so I don’t have the chops yet to attempt it myself.

Upshot could be very helpful for learning Max. Just open up the patchers and look how they’re made.

I’m making help files at the moment … will take some time though.

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Upshot was created with Max 8. I don’t know about backward compatibility. After installation, you should be able to get to the modules by right-clicking in a patcher, then go to ‘paste from’, then go to ‘upshot suite’.

There are some examples in the package. Help files will arrive asap

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… been working on some examples for this package. here’s the latest one …


only catching wind of this now, this is amazing @ithkaa, congrats on yet another amazing Max achievement; this is fun digging through so far, so much useful stuff here, thanks so much!


This is fantastic!

I see a “module” Called “Nodes” that looks a lot like Leafcutter John’s old Forrester app… Is it related?

That was a lovely app…

Thanks for sharing it!

in Max, nodes is an object which allows for calculating the distance from a ball to the node centers in a 2D space. I guess the interface is similar but in Upshot, us.nodes only provides numbers, no audio.

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