Upstairs at Vitek's -- Free improvisation / Sony PCM D100

Released today:

Technical Notes (Sony PCM D100, Izotope, Nagra IV-S):

Since I know some of you are into the tech specifics: here’s the rundown. Upstairs at Vitek’s was recorded live at Gateway City Arts in Holyoke, MA on October 17, 2019.

The room was the large co-working space on the second floor (aka: upstairs) because all the other stages were taken up that evening. I think Luna (formed from the wreckage of one of my favorite bands, Galaxie500, Naomi Yang is to me among the under-recognized greats of melodic electric bass lines in rock music) was playing the main stage that night.

The performance was captured with a Sony PCM D100 placed about 8 feet away on a chair in the front row. I used the integrated electret condenser mics.

Being a live recording, the question of how hard to edit the audience noises etc always comes into play. Since my hand held recorder was in very close proximity to humans I spent a fair amount of time in Izotope Rx8 removing audience noises, sound bleed from other stages, and so on.

Once the recording was cleaned up I did all of the usual DAW processing in Logic Pro X as well as incorporating elements of my hardware chain (see below), including a pass of 1/4 reel-to-reel courtesy of my Nagra IV-S.

The master files, available exclusively on Bandcamp, are mono 96khz 16bit. Bandcamp will also exclusively host the streaming version.

In performance I played Gand & Bernardel freres no. 43, which I received from Barre Phillips. My bow was made by Eben Bodach-Turner.

Gear used in the process:
Recording Medium: Sony PCM D100 via integrated mics
Rack Gear: Tubetech CL2A, Electrodyne Summing Station, Merging Technologies Hapi
500 Series: IGS Rubber Bands, Zähl EQ1, AEA RPQ (clean gain), Electrodyne 511
Mastering Medium: Nagra IV-S 1/4" reel-to-reel
Software: Logic Pro X, Izotope Rx8

I’m happy to talk about any of the technical stuff and of course, the music as well if anyone is curious.


as I said in the bandcamp thread – absolutely stunning record! I hope I can see you perform live at some point.


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Indeed! I feel extremely fortunate.

I hope we can all get back to playing live again together as well.

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