USB and other Non-audio plug Patching

I have quite a few USB/Midi controller-like devices. (grid, arc, push, omnichord, music keyboard, typing keyboard, mouse, guitar amp with USB audio interface, a usb microphone, and finally an external sound card)

AND I have quite a few devices that I would like to plug those into. (laptop, norns, teletype, ansible, crow, whitewhale, meadowphysics, earthsea, organelle, desktop occasionally, raspberry pi with pi sound)

AND I love being able to switch controller-host pairings on the fly!

BUT I hate plugging and unplugging my devices frequently because I have big clumsy hands and I end up either scratching up the device or I feel like I wear out the port. (yeah I know I’m being weird)

SO I am thinking about making a patching box using a panel like this:

Mostly wanting to share the idea so I can get thoughts, advice, pointers.

Sorry mods I had no idea where to put this question so I made a topic.


Nice Idea!

You can get a fairly cheap 2U blind panel like this one:

image image

And populate it with a bunch of these according to your needs:

You can flip them so you can have either the A or B side at the front.

I think the right category for this would be under “tech” or “questions”.



The screw holes on that type of keystone might be better for a 3D printed face plate. I will have to order a variety of sample keystones to see which ones I want to go with.

Thank you so much for your thoughts!

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