USB-C + High Sierra + 2016 MBP success

ok, this is indeed the problem. 10.13 is somehow changing the dash to an underscore. thanks apple.

working on a fix now.


Thank you very much for looking into this! We all owe you a beer :smiley: if you fix it of course :wink:


Any progress on this one guys?

waiting on @wrl unless someone else can jump in earlier. give us a few days, send apple kind holiday cards in the meantime.


Following this one.
Mine doesn’t work after I upgraded os to 10,13,1.
my old computer is 10.12 and works fine.

Is there an update? Fiending for some grid time.

It looks like no. There are two issues:

The root cause appears to be serialosc and has been tracked down in theory:

But the fact that serialosc doesn’t compile on 10.13 serves as a blocker:

Anyway, with luck @tehn or @wrl will be able to wrangle it soon, or another good samaritan with knowledge of build scripts.

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apologies for the delay, it’ll be fixed soon, hoping for the next few days.


Miracle on 128th street?

did you try this?

I should mention if it hasn’t been brought up already that doing even point system updates now will reinstall the Apple ftdi driver. My setup stopped working after update and I had to remove it and also recompile serialosc from git head