USB-C Mod for grid and arc

Continuing the discussion from Raspberry Pi Pico:

Call me misguided, but if you can use USB-C jacks “… just by providing two pullup resistors …” is there any chance of modding current model grids and arcs to be USB-C?

Looks like the holes in the aluminium would need to be slighly wider, but what else would be needed?


If you try it you have to post pictures no mater how it turns out.


this will be a substantial mechanical challenge! do your measurements well before doing any damage.

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I personally don’t have the skills for this, and will proceed with caution, if it all. I’ll get a friend to actually do the mods once the steps are properly researched.

The mechanical challenges for the cases are understood, but would the electronic mods only involve adding some resistors, as per your comment in the prior thread implied?


Have there been discussions / thoughs around changing the grids to USB-C?

Personally I do not really like mini usb.


Than being said, mini is SO much better than micro.


20 characters of amen!


And to be honest I really don’t see any mechanical benefits USB C brings. And with the data-flow/ power consumption grid and arc have, I can’t see any electronic benefits either. But maybe I’m missing something here…

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USB C’s universal plug direction is nice :slight_smile: but it’s not mod my grid nice…