Usb --> din

A few questions.

Recently bought some hardware without a din port, though does have a dongle that allows for MIDI input in the patchbay. I’ve seen the lamenting over hobbytronics’ MIDI-DIN converter, but I was also wondering, what does everyone use for connecting their hardware to each other; especially in the case of USB MIDI?

So far I’ve seen Raspberry Pis being used as MIDI Hosts which is dope. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Any DIY schematics for a converter similar to Hobbytronics’ at a similar price point?

i just got these and i’ve been pretty good so far:

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Adafruit Feather board + this adapter


The teensy MIDI library page has some useful information about adding din to the teensy if you want to DIY. Then its pretty simple to write some code to pass messages between USB and din.

Not too clear which way you’re sending things but a keystep with midi thru enabled has been really useful to me for taking in USB midi and sending it out through the din socket.