USB noise filter?

At a recent gig I was getting high pitched noise on 2 lines that were connected to USB hub. Anyone have a recommended shield/filter product to put in front of USB hub?


I had this one for my Reface CS and it did the job (I seem to recall it cost less when I bought it though).


Would you describe it as a ground loop noise? I’ve described my problem here
@Starthief do you think this usb isolator might do the trick for this ground loop I describe?

Didn’t sound like ground hum to me. Noise was around 2k, seems like ground look is usually a 60hz hum.


Yeah, if I remember right, around 2K is where most of the noise was with mine.

I use this one with my OP-1 and it really solves a lot of those high-pitched noise problems. you might need one of their spendier models depending on power pass-thru needs.

I got this delivered today and it removed the noise from my Micromonsta 2 perfectly. It is for the Audio-Cable, but cheaper than all the USB devices.

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Ugh I have a textbook ground loop where I’ve plugged my audio interface into a KVM extender running to a different room… Looks like the USB2.0-capable isolators are >$200 :money_with_wings:

I can concur on this one, have used it on the OP1 and Artiphon Orba which also generates noise, and it just works. Though that said if I turn off charging for the OP1 it helps, not something I can do with Orba, not sure what it will do with the hub.

has anyone dealt with USB noise when crow is connected to norns? any idea if one of those filters would work? i wasn’t sure since norns isn’t powering crow.

the noise only comes through when i’m monitoring the audio output of the norns, crow isn’t adding noise to the eurorack case (i can monitor the outputs of that cleanly). norns spits out the noise while nothing is plugged into the audio ins. if i unplug the usb from crow, the noise is eliminated.