Usine HollyHock 3, new version

Hello everybody,

Maybe some of you know i’m a part of sensomusic team,

We develop the modular software Usine HollyHock, and we just start the version 3 after 1 year of dev, featuring a host of new features and a new and improved GUI design.

One of the new patch that can interest some of you here is a synthesis workspace based on Moog synth inspiration :

Beside this, here some of the new features:

New tutorial as YouTube videos.
New modular video engine.
New DMX engine.
Hundred of improvements.
More than 180 new modules.
More than 60 new sampler banks.
New interface design.
New manual.

Feel free to test it (you can save your work in the demo version) and ask me any question you can have.

nay-seven from Sensomusic


Usine is very interesting! I have been keeping an eye on it for quite some time, but never really got to use it because my workflow is much more hardware-based an I use the computer mostly as an advanced multi-track recorder and to edit the recordings.
Still, I wanted to say that you’re are doing a great job with it! There’s many interesting aspects to this piece of software!

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Thanks a lot papernoise, really appreciated !

I just looked for Usine Hollyhock on this forum because I thought it’s quite a linesy program and there might be some people using and discussing it. I’m surprised there isn’t!
A while back i tried it, i was exited by the combination of sound and video possibilities but a bit overwhelmed too because it’s so different to all the audio and video software i know. I think i made something that simultanously transitioned between two live webcam feeds i found online and two different audiotracks, conceptually thats quite basic but still impossible in anything i used before.

There is version 5 now and with a 50% launching discount, so it might be a good moment to try it.

I’m really interested if there are people here with more experience in Usine, expecially in the combination of sound and video.