Using a Fixed Filter Bank (with inductors) to achieve the sound of Eraserhead and 2001: A Space Odyssey

Hey Hlp, I hadn’t heard of the Antumbra version! You mean this?

Certainly looks VERY cool, though I’m skeptical of anything without the hardware. Agree that I have noted before the YuSynth sounds very close. Sound is a lot of it, but I think what any of these models without inductors miss is the irregularities, I haven’t had enough time with the Yusynth to say it gets there with the random interference. Sounds very good when you first listen to it. I like how inductor models are always a little different each time, however. That’s the tricky quality of them.

I think someone could approximate things if they placed an antenna in the signal path to either introduce interference or just the smallest amount of signal instability. A very low current of ramping up and down irregular noise into the CV of one of the FFBs that accept into into a VCA might get there.

Great pod! I just subscribed. Funny I was just making a drone in this vein with Drambo on ios as a sort of night time noise wash for sleep. Drambo doesn’t have a fixed filter bank but maybe something like a parallel set of narrow band pass filters might get me in the zone. Thank you for this wonderful resource.
I’ve been thinking of pulling together a bunch of noise sources from various places. I do a lot of VCA/band pass percussion with a live radio as noise source. There is a diverse range of noise between programming on the radio.



Works great! I’m sure not much like the hardware, but really good in the application I’m using it in.


That’s awesome, soysos! Any method that works well for someone is a great method to use! I like the visuals of that design a lot, too.

Tons of incredible things on iOS. Thanks for the kind word about the show and the introduction to Drambo!

I agree on the tonal value of radio frequencies. You can get portable world radios on Amazon that have AM/FM and a few shortwave bands. They’re terrific for placing noise sources around the room in a variety of different sound colors. — The TECSUN R-9012 AM/FM/SW is a great $20 model with a bunch of noise to be found, as you mention.

Happy noisemaking, E