Using grid and arc at the same time

Hey all,

Just put in my order for a grid from @dan_derks (highly recommend working with him, truly a kind person!). I plan to use both arc and grid with my modular setup. I’m curious if people here have any interesting ways of interfacing them together. Do people use two ansibles, or an ansible with white whale, or some other combination? Are there any interesting videos / examples of this? Any tips?

The first that come to mind are @stripes and @ioflow. Would love to hear feedback from y’all.


I use earthsea or white whale or orca with the grid, and ansible or orca with the arc.

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Teletype offers wonderful interaction potential. I have ansible, meadowphysics & earthsea all conversing and tt is the babel fish.


i’ve used grid and arc with: ansible and earthsea, two ansibles and earthsea, as well as just a pair of ansibles…and i’ve barely scratched the surface of what they can do! i still haven’t tried out the sequencer/pitch functions of levels+arc.

since getting the ER-301, i’ve been exploring sample playback & retriggering with grid and arc, looking for a good mlr-like workflow. the grid might be used just to send trigs via earthsea or ansible’s meadowphysics, while the sample playheads are moved with arc and ansible. cycles and levels both work, though i tend to like the “wraparound” gestures possible with cycles. leave 'em freespinning, or season with friction.

or the first ansible is used to modulate params with arc, while the second ansible runs kria, which can sequence playhead position (pitch) and gate simultaneously. occasionally i’ll just use earthsea+grid to play oscillator melodies, while using ansible+arc for modulation duties. i prototyped this workflow even before the 301 arrived by using a frozen live recording in clouds.

also possible: if you have switch or isms, flip the grid/arc between your modules and a max patch on the computer; i think that was the first time i used both devices together. though there was some one-way visual lag, it really opened up new sounds and ways of performing. i need to revisit that combination, even though the 301 is steadily replacing the DAW integration.

the newest ansible firmware apparently includes gate subdivisions for cycles, meaning more than one gate/trig per rotation. might be a good way to manipulate 301 samples with just arc gestures, and syncing rings 2-4 to a high multiplier, to generate more trigs as the main playback position on ring 1 is shifted around. add the grid running pretty much anything on the other monome modules, and there’s lots of possibility for beautiful moments. maybe use one of the ansible trig outputs as a shifting clock input to another section of the modular.


i have been using two ansible modules! very natural and intuitive and easy to use once you read through the documentation a few times. i just got an earthsea as another option for my grid because it seems really beautiful but i haven’t gotten to use that yet because my life has been super hectic lately.

re: using the two together … i am often clocking kira on my grid (ansible #1) through cycles on arc (ansible #2), but generally the grid and arc serve more as interactive controllers for a whole patch/system vs really being interfaced together too much. like what shellfritsch said about teletype (but teletype can also mean whatever your master clocking module is), all the monome modules converse very nicely with each other and often lead the way for patch development.

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2 ansibles here too. and wholeheartedly agree with @shellfritsch that tt is the “babel fish”. very well put :slight_smile: and to continue with the Douglas Adams metaphors i’d say that Cold Mac is the towel and Just Friends is “42”.


I just got my first Grid and Ansible, and am already seeing the potential of a second Ansible. I plan to get an Arc when they’re back, as well as a TT when the new iteration is available.

Simple question for the moment, would it be a good thing to get a second Ansible now, or wait until I have the Arc and/or TT?


My Arc is on the way!!!


Reanimating this thread, I would love to hear more about the two Ansible path for using grid and arc together…

@eblomquist there’s so many applications to using 2x Ansibles. i use 2 ansibles, 1 earthsea, teletype, and the monome switch together to create fun stuff often.

really fun thing:
pop up ansible #1 and use track one of kria to have a random gate/melody pattern for mangrove. mult the gate out of track one to the clock in of ansible #2 and make busy drums on the tracks with lots of ratcheting. now, the ansible one is sending a weird gate pattern (not a “stable” clock), and you should hear ansible #2 following along very polyrhythmically and poly-metrically even. the gaps in between the odd clock timings should mess up your ratcheting in a neat way. yay!

(another option is make a weird earthsea pattern and use the gates as a clock there instead)

i use the monome switch very often, really enjoy it!

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