Using grid as patching cables?



It shouldn’t do so! Aalto can switch between programs without burps. If you change a lot of parameters it may sound like a glitch but try changing just the sequencer pattern for example and leaving a drone running. I do this all the time.


I built an Illucia dtr and it works! The author of the device demonstrates controlling parameters in Aalto via OSC. I cannot find any information how to bind a parameter in Aalto to listen for incoming OSC messages at a specific address. All I could find is the spec for a Soundplane specific protocol called t3d.


if I remember right, they are using Max/MSP to listen for OSC and send messages to Aalto. Aalto can’t pick up param changes via OSC on its own. This is a capability that I do plan to add.


Can you send OSC messages to change pitch and trigger envelopes? I’ve been messing around with a pure data controller to send microtone messages around, can I send them to aalto / kaivo via osc?


Yes, you can see my “t3d” spec here:

you can’t send pitches directly. you can write a description of any collection of pitches as a Scala scale and load that.

sorry if this was a bit hidden!


I think I understand correctly. To modulate parameters a virtual implementation of a Soundplane in puredata sending the t3d bundles would be required.


that’s not quite it. T3d basically handles notes, like MIDI but for multitouch / 3D touch data. The only way to modulate Aalto’s parameters from outside it is using the VST / AU interface. With PD or Max you could receive OSC or anything you want, and then translate that into VST / AU parameter changes.

Puredata! (thread)

Oh, weird. I always wondered why PD as a VST host was an interesting thing to do. This explains it.


I asked this over in the pd thread, but will throw it in here too for coverage…have you pulled this off? Hosting a vst inside pd? On OSX? I’m having a heck of a time finding an external that can do it. Bunch of dead links.


Whelp, I can build from source but the repo is 12 years old. Let’s see what compiler errors I get!

I’m going to suspect the binary links are dead because Steinberg doesn’t respect our freedoms and few people wish to compile PD from source. Fortunately I both respect our freedoms and wish to compile PD from source!

I’ll update the Puredata thread with any results.


bumping this one, i think it’s a cool idea. just having a “patching” fx matrix for incoming audio makes sense, and is pretty much what i use now. but, extending this to channel interactions like ability to morph by spectrum or realtime granular morphing etc. (that is drawn on the grid on a separate “page” for example) would be quite fun. also, simply selecting channels as control channels for modulation, or sequenced patching states… in this type of system, one voice with some feedback would be well enough :wink:
i did check the pd thread but didn’t find so much about the grid itself, and probably osc is the way to do it. maybe grid grouped with another controller makes sense, preferably with some indication of channel levels.