Using grid with MaxforLive

I can’t help feeling that with Norns in existence, the number of people using grids in Ableton has shrunk. Certainly there seems to be plenty of issues with finding patches that work flawlessly on Macs running Ableton 11.

Is it fair to assume this trend will continue as Norns becomes the tool for using grids with?

Also which MLR or softcut style patches are still stable on the most recent Macs? Any recommendations?


You are probably right. My grid in the moment is pretty obsolete and in addition to that I don’t use eurorack stuff. However I am tempted to buy a norns. Maybe next year when they are back in stock. Also there seems to be a wifi issue that kept me from buying one. (or I misunderstood some forum posts)

I think the trend is likely to continue, but it’s not inevitable—I imagine the community has plenty of people with a grid and MaxForLive but no Norns (me for a while, for instance). All it takes is someone willing to put in the time to make a great patch.

Part of what makes the Norns so compelling for grid-enabled scripts is that the Norns ecosystem really does make it much simpler to write grid patches than what’s currently available in MaxForLive. That’s not to say that writing grid code in MaxForLive is hard per se, but I know from my own experience the Norns tutorials had me up and making buttons light up surprisingly quickly.

I think @andrew had some interesting grid MaxForLive pieces around at one point. I don’t know what the status of that project is now.


i recently bought a second grid especially for ableton, w/ @andrew’s anachronism as a favourite. not so long ago he hinted on new m4l devices in the making but i’m not sure if and when they’ll be released.

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can’t speak for everyone but, yea, as soon as the shield became available I switched to norns as my platform for grid apps because of the developer experience.

the first grid app I made now no longer runs on latest operating systems because of upstream updates & I have little energy to constantly maintain it due to the difficulty of debugging issues in max + getting things running on everyone’s different systems. I fully expect my second app to crash on most people systems in the next year or so, but I have a hopefully new & improved version in the works for norns. even a handful of my patches that don’t use the grid probably will not run on the new apple processor or whatever.

I was not really into music hardware at the time norns came out, but I’ve learned to love the hardware element quite a bit because of all the issues it solves around maintainability for script authors.

I totally agree - I actually wrote a max javascript API for the grid modelled after norns - and now it’s the thing making my apps crash :upside_down_face::slight_smile::upside_down_face:


Does anyone know if Sum still works fine with Ableton Live 11?

I am using a new MacBook running os11