Using plain serialosc apps and m4l apps together?

I tried using an osc app along with a m4l app and it was not happening. If I connected to the osc app first the monome would not show up in ableton. If I connected in ableton first and then opened up the max patch there was no monome available in the serialosc drop down menu. Is it just impossible to use both simultaneously?

When I used to use monomeserial and monomeswitch I could bounce around to many apps easily. I was hoping to be able to use 64insanity in ableton along with m4l apps.

I, too, am looking to do this. I’ve tried using @elquinto 's m4l port of smallbatch ( to attempt to connect to insanity.

I’ve also tried a few versions of insanity but no insanity prefix displays in my smallbatch app list.

I’ve also seen @elquinto ( mention his failed attempt to port insanity to M4L. Though he thinks of it as a step backwards with only one midi channel, i would be grateful for on page of faders, buttons on one midi channel:

I’m a long time pages user, meaning, ive longed for my grids varibright functionality, non-liveosc ableton integration, and no fuss autoconf/focus startups. With pages (please direct me if i am doing it the hardway), i have to start my max appliocations, connect them to extapp pages, etc. its a pain and not to mention there is no sign of new devel for the project.

I still love it. I just find it baffling that Terms did not include and type of FADER action at all.

Hey @raws,
Maybe @elquinto has his old port of insanity that we could try out. I would like it one channel to just for the midi press action.

You say you are a pages user. I am curious what your setup is. What type of computer/OS are you using?
I was really trying to get pages set up recently for external apps but it seems impossible for me to do since pages uses all the zeroconf stuff and I’m using max 7.

I really would like to learn how to port max apps to m4l apps myself. I am quite illiterate at doing anything myself in max at this point though. I need a tutor in Flagstaff!

There is no good basic m4l midi_press app that I know of. This basic “grid” app tehn posted the other day would be nice as an m4l option.

grid-midi.maxpat (12.4 KB)

i’ll check, but i’m pretty sure i deleted it. if u want to learn how to port max apps to m4l, insanity would be super easy… apps that need tempo sync are a little tougher.

just copy/paste everything from insanity into a blank m4l midi device then save. that’s basically it, no modifications necessary at all.

if u want to use a max app with smallbatch, place this in the same folder as the app- (14.4 KB)

if u want to use a max app with pages, place this in the same folder as the app- (6.8 KB)
for pages, you’ll also need to install the zeroconf externals. place this folder in /User/Documents/Max 7/Library (54.7 KB)

Thanks for the info elquinto.

I’ll try porting 64insanity and the zeroconf action for pages as well! Much appreciated as usual.

I’m bad at this @elquinto.
From here nothing I do seems to work at all.

I can drag the files into the midi device. Then I get this. I can not copy and paste anything though.

Surely I’m mangling your interactions

@elquinto thank you for the insight, I’m going to test and experiment with your guidence this evening.

@jasper_ryder I’ll run you down the line regarding my pages setup and Co fig too when I’m back home.

it’s a little more complicated. i’ll try to go over all the steps-

once you’re in max/m4l edit mode, go to Options -> File Preferences, click the Add Path symbol and add the insanity folder as a path.

open insanity

Cmd-8 to view toolbar, then click the ‘patching mode’ and ‘unlock’ icons in the bottom toolbar.

Cmd-A to select all, then Cmd-C to copy

go to the blank Max Midi Effect and Cmd-V to paste

click the presentation mode symbol in the bottom toolbar, then right-click somewhere in the backround and choose Inspector Window.

in the inspector window, enable the checkbox for Open in Presentation.

Cmd-A (select all) and reposition insanity’s ui if necessary.

save and close the Max Midi Effect.

that’s it!

Dope! Thank you @elquinto I’ve been wondering about the specifics. Also if you don’t mind one more question for ya:
Are the m4l ports in your git repo hand picked based on thier popularity in the community, personal preferance or a little bit of both? Just wondering. Well hanks again.

yvw. hope that helps

it was pretty much personal preference. once i realized how easy it was, i ported all my favorite apps to m4l. (except a few i think are a little better as max apps) obviously my most favorite is mlr.

mlr was actually the first app i ported, and i gotta say, it was extremely challenging. after that everything else was a piece of cake.

Alright, I’m close, I can feel it, but I’m still running into something not working right. I think the problem is here:

When you say: “in the inspector window, enable the checkbox for Open in Presentation.”
I do not see this command anywhere?

Final product is opening into something like this:

cool, almost done. just make sure u have nothing selected. then right click somewhere in the background and choose Inspector Window. (or go to View -> Inspector Window) then u should see the option.

also i should mention if u plan on sharing an m4l device, u need to ‘freeze’ it first. (freeze symbol in the bottom toolbar)

Thanks! I got it. The only problem now is the monome doesn’t connect! Ha! Here is a pic of the folder I ported it from. Do I need to put a serialosc file into it first? So close!

not sure why it won’t connect, that’s a better question for @galapagoose. i’m still using an older serialosc.maxpat. try putting this in your insanity folder (it’s the one i use with m4l) (14.8 KB)

UHG, I had a working m4L patch for a little while. I did everything you said @elquinto and i also needed to flip into patch mode and connect the insanity midi out to the max external midi in with a “patch cable”.

This shit is SO object oriented, very rough for me considering im most comfortable in a linux/network security engineering/shell scripting/cli environment. OSX + max7 + mouseclick + menus + GUI are killing me.

Im happy i was able to trigger CCs and MIDI notes in ableton, but i think im going to start w the grid study or maybe port a few of the monomebase patches into one m4l device to learn whats going on with all this pasta lookin shit.

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I was trying to port this today with varying degrees of failure… did you get this working in the end? This thread got me really close though…

Never succeeded with insanity. I think there was something with setting the midi channel for each button or slider within insanity that made it different and more difficult than porting other max apps.