UTIL 02 by main(void) on Kangding Ray’s label ara

Hi everyone,

My new EP “UTIL 02” has been released on Kangding Ray‘s label ara. The EP consists of six original tracks and 30 Entanglements, which accompany the release as a Bandcamp exclusive.

These additional tracks are the result of a defined set of processes using source material from the original tracks. You can read up on the concept here, including an illustration that visualizes the structure and relationships of the Entanglements.

The EP explores a circular theme, from associations and experiences that inspired the original tracks to the rigid structure of the Entanglements. It has been a fantastic journey and I hope the results reflect the process.



Fascinating reading your process, thanks very much!

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Really cool to have such strong concepts behind your productions ! I discovered your music through your great Stoicism EP and the process explanation you did for Create Digital Music, very eager to listen to your new work, congrats !

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Thanks to both of you! I am glad the bits and pieces I share about my process are worthwhile. :slight_smile: