Vancouver Pulled Pork Volume 3: Wrangling The Infinite (12.13.17)

Vancouver Pulled Pork Volume 3
“Wrangling the Infinite”
at red place at 855 E Hastings, Vancouver, B.C.
December 13, 2017

featuring Uneasy Chairs from Seattle!
and 4 other improvisers in various combinations
including a long overdue reunion set by locally epic drums & noise duo “Botfly & Holzkopf”

Uneasy Chairs
Prolific guitarist from Seattle. The Keiji Haino of the West Coast! Fluency in finger picking, shredding and extended technique will make his Vancouver debut a must see!

Emma Tomic
Maker and street corner jammer steadily building a solid reputation for psyched out audio-video synthesized rhythmic chaos.

Down-tempo? Ethereal? Words are weak for this purveyor of esoteric tones and ocean deep vibes.

Nervous Operator
Electronic improvisation from one of Sacred Sound Club’s masterminds. Often seen DJing, making noise or playing guitar in Vancouver’s underground scene.

J Audrey Taves (aka Holzkopf)
Long time cassette smasher and noise dub initiator from Western Canada beginning to record and perform under their own name.

Botfly (aka John Brennan)
Member of Eskatons and Atlanteans and former curator of the “Destroy Vancouver” series has arguably become the West Coast’s best hyped-up spazz-master drummer.


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This is going to be a radical show in B.C…really cool combinations of artists and some live collabs, variety.

Cool. Somehow missed hearing about this through the usual channels, I’ll check it out!

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