VCVRack virtual modular synthesizer


VCVRack is a free-ish* virtual modular synthesizer. With v.50 now live at, and dozens of modules already available, the still fairly new software has got quite an audience, and quite a healthy developer community. Since there isn’t a lot of evident consolidated conversation going on about VCV online, beyond a couple Facebook groups, maybe we can chat about it here.

Perhaps for starters, how are people finding VCV Rack to work for them? I’ve got it running on a late-2013 MacBook Air.

*The qualification is people can charge for their modules. VCV’s own developer, Andrew Belt, recently posted some matrix mixers you can buy to help support the development.

On the high cost of modular

It doesn’t run on my 2013-ish MBP. Or rather, it runs but the right-clicking through which you’re meant to access everything doesn’t produce any menus.


VCVRack is open source, right?

I tried it on my Windows 10 laptop and it works fine.


I’ve ported 19 of my Euro Reakt modules over to VCV already. They are free and open-source.:


Those are so great. Thanks so much for contributing them, and for all your Blocks work.


Wow, that’s awesome. The patch notes/suggestions are great as well. Thank you.


I wonder what’s up. CTRL-click works for me on my 2013 MBAir. Andrew Belt is pretty responsive via the Facebook group, and he has also replied via the main email address, if you want to check in with him.

My sole issue is that I have audio problems, with clicking and static when I do things like pull up a browser window. That’s almost certainly my old, beleaguered laptop, and not VCV, because I also have audio out issues.


I have this vague memory that an older version (0.3.0?) had the option of displaying CPU meters on every module. It seemed useful, I wonder why it went away. Or am I making this memory up?


It was there, but apparently inaccurate. Also, a lot of people were using them to complain about optimization. Andrew has mentioned that optimization won’t happen until closer to the stable release. I imagine that they might be added back in around then.


mod update: clarified the thread title to pull in people who don’t know what vcvrack is


Oh, yes, this makes sense. Thanks!


Checked this out and it was pretty fun, but ran into some glitching/breakup with the audio.

Also couldn’t figure out if you can access the secondary modes in Rings (long presses on the top buttons). Anybody know?


i tried it out also, no problems. was only using the basic modules.

a quick google didn’t answer, so: is there a way to map a midi CC to a knob in the interface? the midi-cc modules i understand, but it seems not everything will be accessible that way?


Right-click on the panel for a menu.


Thanks! I was right-clicking on the button.


that is not possible, yet


I don’t think that is functional yet, but I’d be excited to be wrong. I’ve only tried with a Launch Control, and nothing came of it.


Yeah midi mapping isn’t a feature at the moment. You have to use the midi modules and wire them up. If somebody made a knob that isn’t paired with a jack, you’re out of luck.

My hope is that since VCV removes various physical constraints, that folks will learn to be generous with making every control CV-enabled, over time. But midi mapping of knobs would be cool too.

I really like the way Jeremy Wentworth’s FullScope module pushes beyond the limits of skeumorphism, by the way. A resizable module!


I have had this issue as well and they way I found to solve it was to click normally but with two fingers, it responds to this at least on my machine


Oh, that’s cool. Two-finger clicking pulls up the menu for me. Thanks.