VCVRack virtual modular synthesizer


CPU hog

i love it


There’s an active thread on vcv Rack on muffwiggler - lots of developers there.


Thanks. Looking there now. Much appreciated.


That’s the “official” group; Andrew seems to be most active there.


CPUs are for pigs. Hogging them is the goal. VCVRack is great. I’d recommend building it from source on your own computer.


I was wondering about building it from source. Could you explain the benefits (for a macOS user), versus just using the installer? Thanks.


At the time it was the way I could get the mutable firmware modules into the rack interface.


I think i’ll throw more CPU at the problem instead =)


At this point, unless you are contributing source code to core or in the form of a plugin, there’s really no advantage to compiling from source vs. using the installer. (unless you just want to gain experience with compiling code, in which case, go for it)


Thanks, gents (@jasonw22, @lazzarello).


Is it possible to send audio and CV through an ES-3 from VCV Rack? I have this set up as a test, and nuthin’ is happening. I’m probably just doing it wrong:


It should work, but it’s possible you aren’t using the correct output port numbers?

I’m seeing multiple reports of success with ES modules around the web.


Cool. Thanks. I’ll keep fiddling with it.


Bwa ha ha — I had the lightpipe cable connected to the In instead of the Out on my USBStreamer. It’s working perfectly. Think it’s time for me to level up to the ES-8. :slight_smile:


So I built VCVRack 0.5.0 from source tonight on Linux, with JACK support. I have a MOTU 828mkII that has DC coupled outputs which produce +/- 4.5V. I have an Aleph and got the waves oscillator working with the CV input to modulate any input.

My question is how do I rectify the polar voltage from the MOTU to 0 - 9V? Does it even matter?


Hey @trickyflemming, any chance of your modules supporting Linux also?


Definitely planned. Someone compiled one of the earlier releases here:

I just need to find a good workflow for doing it without too much fuss.


I’m having some trouble getting a few of the third-party modules to show up in Rack, but the ones that do work for me (like the Stellare take on @TomWhitwell’s Turing Machine) have led to some really fun (unfortunately, not recorded) explorations. Just playing around with the Turing Machine expanders in Rack actually sold me on their hardware counterparts.


Yeah, the Turing has been a great way for me to test drive it. I borrowed an actual physical one back when I was first getting into Eurorack, and it was beyond me. It may still be beyond me, but I’m learning.

Mention which third-party modules are causing issues, and I’ll see what’s up on my end (macOS, MacBook Air).


Is this macOS? The way I install them is this:

I go to Rack in the Applications folder.
I right click on the Rack icon.
I select "Show Package Contents."
I go to the Resources sub-folder.
I go to the plugins sub-folder.
I drag in the Zip file.
I unzip the Zip file, leaving a new subfolder for the module manufacturer.
I delete the Zip file.

That works for me.