VCVRack virtual modular synthesizer


Really glad you’re enjoying them - the Stellaire team were great to work with.


Get the Turing machine. And don’t forget the pulses expander. It’s so essential. You don’t even need to understand how it works to make awesome stuff :slight_smile:


Lin here:

Ok I am absolutely a beginner with Rack. I have never played with either hardware, nor software Rack(s). I do have lots of experience with classical DAW’s and plug-ins. I am currently using “Numerology” and a lot of plug-ins. to create randomized melodies, and LFO modulated pads.

Does any one know of some very basic videos, to help get started with rack?
Also … Numerology has the capacity to import and export CV values. could I make them play nice tougher?


We just posted our first collection of Unfiltered Audio modules for VCV Rack. You can find them under “Unfiltered Volume 1” at the VCV package page:

Full details can be found in the manual:


I’m having trouble finding the VCV Rack thread that was dealing with the porting of Monome modules to VCV? I was wondering when we might see binaries of the modules?


Is this the one?


oh dang, just chiming in to say VCV Rack has been amazing. I’d tried NI Blocks before, which never clicked with me, but for some reason VCV has been really appealing + useful.

Would be awesome to get OSC control in out, so some of the nice Euro-type modulations could be sent out to Max/Jitter/Arduino, etc!


Haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but I’m looking forward to it.


ditto! (and 20 char)


I enjoyed the interview. As someone who has submitted pull requests and forked VCVRack, I was initially put off by the author’s “go away” mentality on Github. But as is true in much of the internet, one forum cannot paint the whole picture. Dude seems chill and smart and coming from a great place. Highly recommend.


@lazzarello Somewhat on that note, but I think I saw you mention OSC integration in one of the Github threads.

Have you seen any more development on that front? Would be so exciting to send VCV modulation out into Max, etc. as OSC! (or maybe OSC into VCV from like a Kinect or something)


Here’s the thread I’m following


yep! think this is the one I was keeping an eye on, too. Trying to wrap my head around the fork that came out of it - this is a rebuild of VCV that opens up individual params of the “built-in” modules to OSC control?

Feel like it would be really slick to just have one or two modules, not unlike the “core” MIDI->CV ones that could receive MIDI, so essentially an OSC->CV and a CV->OSC thing. I’m not too well versed in whats happening under the hood, dev wise, but I wonder if that would be a way to implement without having to open the door to the confusion of making every new module OSC compatible?


Don’t worry i make the same mistake with the es8 :wink:


Hope OSC support lands in core and not just the fork, would be very useful!

Another interesting issue to watch:


The thread is here: WW+MP+ES in VCVRack

My plan was to have the binary releases ready when the VCV Rack package manager was released.

But the package manager came out a little earlier than I expected, and I spent the holidays dealing with a whole bunch of home improvement projects (first winter in a 200-year-old house…) instead of working on code, and then the Rack package manager had to be disabled because dealing with a complex mess of third-party contributed packages turns out to be a time sink.

So that plan didn’t work out, sorry. Hopefully soon!


I also recommend the podcast with Andrew, only listened to the first half so far but it’s great.


Hi everyone, thought this would be of interest; very early along – it’s a module that lets you use a $8 RTLSDR usb dongle to receive FM radio –


Here’s “state of the module”


That’s a great idea!