VCVRack virtual modular synthesizer


Anyone have any VCVRack modules they’re particularly fond of? I’m especially interested in randomness / ‘chaos’ as of late. Anything anyone has found that’s particularly worth a look?


i rly love the NYSHI Source of Uncertainty clone! also the Befaco Rampage is the closest I’ve gotten to MN Maths in software land.

The Vult LPG is nice, also ganging up a bunch of Seq8/16s and combining with 8vert and Unity mixer from the fundamental kit


This is super cool! I was thinking of doing something like this with WebSDR to pick up weird global numbers stations, but a hardware dongle is probably a more practical approach. Can you get the full frequency spectrogram from the dongle?


GQRX lets you see a waterfall spectrogram across a pretty wide region of RF space. Unfortunately GQRX is backed by GNU Radio, which I figured integrating into would be more difficult than librtlsdr. I think it would be theoretically possible to multiplex multiple audio outs from a single receiver or to display the adjacent spectrogram in VCV…


FM tuner binary plugins available for Windows and Mac finally.


There was a big bruhaha the other day in the VCVRack community when someone cloned Maths (“Floats”) right down to the faceplate design and charged $35 for it. Tony Rolando (Make Noise) was (rightfully) angry and mentioned that the author has been ignoring his messages.

Extremely bad vibes jacking Make Noise’s panel design and certainly poor taste to jack functionality! I believe there’s also a decent DUSG clone already.


I kind of like the interface so I’m trying to make a MPE to CV (1 channel first) module so I can use my continuum with it.


Do you have a particular USB FM device you’d recommend?


whatever costs $8 on amazon to start with


Well it looks like tony got him to change the panel design, but $35 for a softsynth DUSG when there’s crazy amounts of free plugins is still nuts.


I did not think it was possible, but over the past month or so after Mike Hetrick shared it with me i have found that VCV rack and it’s activity has quelled my unbridled desire more more gear.
Now of course i am still maintaining my studio and recently had to send a defective Control Forge back
’but other than that I am finding i am able to resist having to purchase a new module a month like an enfant terrible.

How about you?


nice. i have head that the ER-301 is rather deep and solves alot of wishes for flexibility.
I do admit to feeling that wince when i heard the sebastapol II was released but honestly i think it was like a demon that was driving me with desire for about two solid years but now it’s lifted.

I DO want to add some things but that gear jones is gone


So I released my first “proper” module for VCV & could use some feedback:

The Pulsum Quadratum Rhombic Shift Register (RSR) is a four-voice, demuxing shift register for the VCVRack modular synthesis environment. The RSR consists of four looping “analog” shift registers whose inputs and outputs are switched via control voltage. By skillfully applying modulation, automatic variations upon source patterns may be generated.


We have a “copy” of the Bode Frequency Shifter available for VCV Rack. Here’s a link to the manual: Frequency Shifter Manual
screen shot:


One thing that’s been annoying me about VCV modules (and that I never do in my modules) is a common lack of attenuation controls for CV ins. I wish people would provide a panel setting summed with an attenuverted CV in.


Agree. Especially since it’s “free” in VCV, other than taking a little screen real estate. Our (unfinished) vocal animator has attenuverters on most everything.


This sounds intriguing. Can you give any more hints as to what it might be???please???


No problem. If you go to our GitHub you can read all about it, and if you swing that way you can download it and build it.

Github is here:
The page that describes unreleased modules is easy to find, but here it is:

Our facebook page is not well traveled, but we do announce things there, also


Thanks. I’m looking forward to trying it out.


Surprised to not see any active discussion in this thread for 8 months! The VCV community is still proceeding at a breathtaking pace.

ADSR Sounds just released their first course on VCV. By no means is it the only video tutorial series out there, but I’ve found the professional course offerings from ADSR, Ask Audio, and others to be consistently high quality and the best way to get to grips with a given piece of music software. In any case, the barrier to entry for modular keeps lowering with stuff like this, which I think is a fine thing.

Omri Cohen previews a prototype of Midilar, which appears to be a modular rack-based MIDI controller designed with VCV Rack in mind. Looks pretty nifty. Hopefully when (if?) it comes to market it’ll be at a sufficiently low enough price point to make it worthwhile - if Midilar is a costly investment, you might as well invest in eurorack, right?

Meanwhile, Hora Music is set by end of year to release a module editor (link is to Facebook) for designing your own VCV modules in a visual patching environment similar to Reaktor. Looks deep and powerful, and just accessible enough that you could approach it without needing to read thick textbooks on DSP…