VCVRack virtual modular synthesizer


I’ve recently got back into vcv and it’s an incredible bit of kit. A full rack of mutable instrument modules for free? Brilliant


That module editor looks nifty, but somebody should do a wrapper to use PD in VCV. Virtual Organelle + CV ins and outs inside your VCV rack anyone? And don’t get me started on Supercollider. =)


yah! VCV is the best - now i just need a fast enough laptop to do non-trivial patches with it.

For anyone looking at PD/Max integration, there’s an excellent OSC in/out module that I’ve had some good luck with - spacing on the name right now, but its in the plug-in editor


Or has organelle modules


The developer of the NYSTHI line for VCV rack is my friend Antonio Tuzzi. Every time I had an idea for a module he delivered in less than a day. :grinning:


Thanks for having given this thread a nudge. There’s a heap of VCV Rack conversation on Facebook, conversation I’d rather have here.


If you remember the name, definitely share! I’ll dig around in the meantime.


Anyone find a good approach to rendering audio from VCV?

I’m getting an error when trying to install a wav recorder module that was recommended to me, and unfortunately when using Bridge into Ableton my laptop can’t keep up and there are a lot of dropouts.


I use the NYSTHI recorder and never had problems with it.


I’m trying to use soundflower to make an aggregate device and pipe it into ableton but haven’t got it working yet


Have you tried Audio Hijack or any of the other Rogue Amoeba applications?


I’ll second NSYNTHI.


Audio Hijack is great software and 100% worth it even if you think you can make something else work. It’s just that much better of an experience to use.


cvOSCcv is what you’re looking for.


I can’t vouch for either of these links, but there appears to be an effort on the Csound side of things…



VCV just added VST plugin hosting/modulation in a $30 premium module, which is a pretty huge gamechanger. Demonstration with Arturia SEM V


That does look great. Here’s another video, this one with the Arturia Buchla Easel:


Can VCVRack be used as an AU instrument/plugin in Logic (or other DAWS, or even Max)?


Yes, but it’s a little wonky. Shows up as an au midi controlled effect in Logic. I think vst support may be superior, but that may also be a bit of grass is greener on the other side.


anyone using a DC-coupled audio interface with VCVRack? I’m interested in whether the latency is a problem, also generally how much latency there is, more specifically on a laptop, especially using an interface over USB? Thanks in advance