VCVRack virtual modular synthesizer


I use an Expert Sleepers ES-8 with VCV, which is DC-coupled and connects via USB. I can’t provide any specifics about latency, but I’ve experienced zero issues with it. (I’m sure others can provide more helpful responses, I’m just providing one datapoint in case it’s useful.)


Amount of latency really depends on your soundcard. I use an ES-8 via adat with my MOTU card and have not had any noticeable issues, but I’m also not doing multiple round trips…


um, the ES-8 is an audio interface in itself?


Yes, but it’s simpler for me to use it via adat than take up another port on my computer and have to deal with aggregating multiple soundcards…


To what @mateo says, I on the other hand am aggregating the ES-8 with my Universal Audio Apollo Twin using ASIO4ALL on Windows 10.


Does anyone know of a benjolin/rungler vcv plugin? I swear i had one downloaded but can’t for the life of me find it


@rdfm you might try asking in the brand new VCV Rack forum:


How are you getting around the ES-8 io being greater than the number of jacks in the VCV audio interface module? Or do you make the ES-8 appear as earlier numbered jacks in the interface. I might have worded that weirdly, hope it makes sense haha.


Not benjolin/rungler, but MSM TVCF uses the Twinpeak principle of Rob Hordijk’s module of the same name. (It might be considered a clone)


I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the Stellare Turing Machine installed on a Mac. I’ve tried searching the Interwebs but can’t find anything so…I ask you fine folks for any guidance :smile:Thanks in advance!

[edit] Got it sorted :man_facepalming: Documents > Rack > Plugins


I think I may be misunderstanding the question, so I wanted to check in. The ES-8 has eight outputs and four inputs. In VCV Rack, the Core audio interface has eight outputs and eight inputs. This means I can use all of the ES-8’s outs and ins. In my case, I should clarify, I’m just going directly, via USB, from the ES-8 to my laptop.


figured people here would be interested

@mlogger posted this on the “what are you listening to thread” and ive been listening to it constantly. its a compilation of drone music made entirely with vcv rack. really inspiring. i already love vcv rack but this really makes me want to spend more time with it. It would be cool to make songs that utilize vcv as the main sound source. I’ve only been using it to control my modular with the Es-8. This compilation really not only negates any reservations I have against using vsts (these reservations are dumb i know, only vsts i use are Aalto and Kaivo) but it makes me feel dumb for not having done it already.


Ahh I was asking in relation to @mateo using the es-8 via ADAT, which for me starts the inputs at input 10, which is out of range of the VCV module.


Oh, via ADAT. Gotcha. I think CV Toolkit might let you adjust the channels. I’ll look into VCV.


I see something like this in my audio interface select box:


You can just load multiple Audio modules to access each of the ranges of channels.


Ah, yes. That’s it. Thanks!


Oh cool, that’s new since i last looked. I was going to audiohijack it next time I tried but wont have to now.


A peek at what seems to be a new visual browser in what will eventually be Rack 1.0, showing a small image of each module. I myself only just realized there’s a helpful save-favorites mode in the current Rack.