Verbos Bark Filter Processor


I’m curious. What would you do with such a module ? Video generation ?


I’d suggest watching these videos on the Buchla 296e. Should give you some ideas :slight_smile:


The simplicity of interface kind of beats out the SMR for me at the moment. I was reading somewhere that the idea behind this or one way of using the Buchla version was to record CV inputs on each band to Audio and then play it back through to trigger the env followers…sounded like a pretty cool idea. That 296e lava lamp video though :heart_eyes:


Yeah, I believe it worked by feeding white noise into the inputs and using your CV sources to set the levels of each frequency band. Then you’d record the sum. To recover your original CV you’d play the mix back into the filter and use the envelope follower outputs.


I think you could do some really cool performance stuff with that in this day and age of tech. Gets the neurons firing that is for sure. I’m holding out for a demo of this one, but with some new knobs and caps, I could definitely fit one into my future (red just isn’t in my aesthetic vocab.)


Someday I just might have to build a Verbos case. They’re all too large for my current case, but that’s OK. Just gives me a reason to start a new one. :wink:


You might have meant hands-on demo vs. video, but there is this from a couple months ago:


NAMM will bring some news in the spectral euro department, and Superbooth will bring even more. I’d wait a few months and see. :slight_smile:


I was able to play with a prototype at Machines in Music bank in October and got a run down from Mr. Verbos himself. Sounds very nice and the build quality is superlative.


Man. He is just so good. Having owned a few verbos modules, I have to say, I’m super envious of those who have an all verbos system. There is a very large part of me that wants to end up someday with a system that’s just Verbos and Mannequins/Monome (but replacing the Verbos CO with my beloved Furthrrrr Generator), and maybe a few Make Noise tossed in for good measure.


Yeah, I sure would love a Verbos Composition system, but I just can’t really justify it. I’ve got enough stuff as it is, with at least three major modules still to go (Teletype, Rossum Morpheus, and probably a Rossum Assimil8or).

I know the red knobs and paint scheme are aesthetically polarizing for a lot of people, and while red isn’t my go-to for anything, the aesthetics of the Verbos Composition System, with those cases, are just sublime I think.


Agreed. I’m lucky, I guess, in that I’m very okay with a Frankenstein system when it comes to manufacturers and aesthetics…I’m also one of those goons who still plasters stickers all over computers, so I guess I haven’t grown out of that just yet!

Curious to see what rig you’ve got? I’d honestly replace a lot of kit with the verbos stuff, such that it could live peacefully amongst itself. I feel like I’ve seen videos from Worwell (amazing youtube channel, and is on Muffs sometimes as well, I think, though I don’t go there as much of late!) where he’s got a self-contained verbos section.


One thing that really appeals to me about this is its interface/mixer. Something about the ARP 2500 will always stay close to my heart and this harkens to that design in a way i think.

I’ve been thinking about acquiring one just to use as a standalone filter, much akin to the KOMA FT-201 filter that is in guitar pedal form a la moogerfooger.

Anybody use this in a very restricted, dedicated, “minimal” way? i.e. audio in, audio out? Or, not in an elaborate/extensive modular set-up?

Anybody use this at all?


Have you guys seen the Fumuna by Frapp? I was just about to grab a Bark but then this was announced and ive been talking to the designer - 16 (!) 48db dual band spectral processor with some nifty features and amazingly good specs…its a but more pricey at $1000


Yup, I’ve been following the development of Fumana very closely, and I should have one as soon as it will be available (it should ship to retailers next week). It’s the best specced one and if it’s half as good as the Sapèl it’s going to be awesome.


I’d like to add that from a spectral transfer (aka vocoding) point of view the bark filter can do six bands to six bands, while the fumana can do full sixteen bands to sixteen bands.

If you think about it, six bands to six bands sounds a bit like a joke.


Really looking forward to hearing how you get on with this. It’s probably top of my list of purchases.


Thank you for the heads up about this module- seems like it has more control as well as more filter and spectral processing capabilities yah?

I’m sure people will be doing comparisons in the coming months when it ships and starts being used.

One thing I’m curious about is the Bark scale compared to the scaling of frequencies on the Fumana. It’s refreshing for me that an instrument maker consciously integrates psycho-acoustics into their design. Maybe the extra four bands on the Fumana makes up for a possible discrepancy in this regard.

I like the LED’s on the Verbos…


I finally got the Fumana! I’ve uploaded pics of the Fumana and a video of a performance I did with it last night in the pictures thread :slight_smile:


The Buchla 296e is absolutely nuckin futs! I love watching the LEDs move