Verbos Bark Filter Processor


Really looking forward to hearing how you get on with this. It’s probably top of my list of purchases.



Thank you for the heads up about this module- seems like it has more control as well as more filter and spectral processing capabilities yah?

I’m sure people will be doing comparisons in the coming months when it ships and starts being used.

One thing I’m curious about is the Bark scale compared to the scaling of frequencies on the Fumana. It’s refreshing for me that an instrument maker consciously integrates psycho-acoustics into their design. Maybe the extra four bands on the Fumana makes up for a possible discrepancy in this regard.

I like the LED’s on the Verbos…



I finally got the Fumana! I’ve uploaded pics of the Fumana and a video of a performance I did with it last night in the pictures thread :slight_smile:



The Buchla 296e is absolutely nuckin futs! I love watching the LEDs move